Sex Obsessed Society

I find sex quite gross and repulsive myself could be as result of child sexual abuse I had when I was younger which lead to some form of addictions in the teens. These prons (mispelt on purpose) are very degrading to people. Child pron is very sickening and is child abuse too.

I tend to question the Social Norms and the Society relating to sex. I have learnt that some people who don't like sex are seen as weird.

My own time I will not socialise with people who just keep going on about sex and nothing else. I have been known to shun work colleagues for it.

What is so appealing about the gentials, on a woman its just a hole where a man has a like a rod. Wow what are so good about those. These genital's primary purpose is for reproduction.

Everywhere you go you have sex forced on to u, conversations, images and etc. People who ask me if I have sex (Intercourse) the answer is no and will be very less likely, they probley think I am not normal for being like that.

There are woman who really try to hard at impressing men by wearing tight clothing, revealing these girls I do not find attractive what so ever. I am not gay either, I probley A-Sexual as I rarely think sexual things.

Sex to me is over rated and is putting people off it. Society has lost the real meaning of love.

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1 Response Jan 20, 2013

not sure..but havnt learnt this art of making love... they wud not just call you weirdo..but wud see you as a "damaged person" as if u have had a terrible past.. a damaged childhood..not sure how can you tackle them.. but you still stay inhibited..not sure what is love or love at times i feel like abandon it all... dont want to trouble people i cant give pleasure... you see actually eventually it dies if you stop thinking..even if you are sexually are right i am a weirdo! and society is obsessed

It is a pain in my view, Religious teaching teaching on Sexual Repression as this is something I am currently researching which may explain some hostility towards people as mentioned above. I still don't like the amount of sex obsessions as if people are objects. That is not what sex is about really. Some Religions who teach sex is evil can lead to problems too in my view even a damaged view of it. Another possiblity that may cause this was the AIDS worry from touching a condom in the park and parents said to me you touch it you have aids and will die and they said this to me at 11 years old. I only realised this other day and was very suprised by its effects it must had on me all this time. I had to be tested in the end. I somehow equated sex with aids. This could be another cause of it as well, I have been known to lash out on people at school over sexual issues.

In my eyes you are not a werido. Many says I am a weirdo for liking swimming pool's machines.

I have just realised that sex doesnt seem to appeal to me just watching or trying it as If I am Demisexual or something due to identity confusions I had. I believe I am partial asexual in some ways.