It Wrecked Eveything

it wrecked my reputaion, distroyed my chances of being friends with people, like this one time at a party i did a few naughty things with this guy then he told me it was a one nighter so there was no more talking, no being friends anything, i liked this guy for a while too, i really thought he was a good guy but yeah i could never be friends with him. and people call me a ****, its not like he ws a random i did have feelings for him so its not bad or anything right?

fallenchild fallenchild 16-17, M 4 Responses Aug 29, 2008

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sorry, what really happened?

i know how you feel. The first guy who I trusted did this to me. I feel for you.

I'm sorry you're going through this. That guy sounds like a douche bag. I had the same problem for a while... I would sleep with just about anyone to get affection. I was a cheater (not proud of it.) I just always craved more and more affection. And the next thing I know, word got out and suddenly my best friends were calling me a ****. I actually had to move OUT OF THE STATE to get away from all of the bullshit. I'm glad I'm past that now... funny thing is... I hate sex now.

No, it's not bad, and you are young, and, if it bothers you, don't be so AVAILABLE if you know what i mean. Be more discriminating....You don't have to sleep with everyone. Accept yourself first, then others will follow. How did everyone know anyway? unless the guys you were with had big mouths.

Start all over, as i suggested to you before, drop them all; they only cause you pain anyway, and and they sound all so shallow (from your other story too). Oh, and i don't have to tell you to never let your guard down and ALWAYS use protection? Your motto for life should be TRUST NO ONE. (re: ALWAYS use protection)