I Hate Sex

I'm 31. I've had sex before. I didnt always hate it but I didnt always like it. Sometimes it was ok and sometimes I hated myself during and after and regretted it. But now I absolutely dislike it. I'm not on any medication or birth control what so ever. I grew up in a very conservative and religious home and society that believed I should not be interested in sex or the oposite sex, but I was never a fan or follower of those ideals. I think im gonna offend with my opinions but I really wanna express how I feel, so here it goes! I hate men's sex organs, I think they're unattractive and even repulsive and I dont wanna see them! Please keep them in your pants because i think thats where they belong. And I think the act of sex is just weird, vulgur, and scary. And i think sex is sexist, against women that is. Men always get more pleasure out of it, and the world seems so sexually oriented and makes me feel so sexually objectified and I totally hate that. Sex sucks and I hate it so much. But i wish I didnt feel that way about it and I wish I liked it, I just dont know how I would come to like it when I feel that way about it..suggestions anyone?..Help?

phoenigirl phoenigirl
31-35, F
2 Responses Mar 18, 2009

Girl sex is awful! I feel you it is nast and degrading! I dont think God has anything to do with it, and if he does he meant for it to be used to make more humans, thats it! Sex is a power struggle where the man always wins.

If you could get over your twisted upbringing, and experience a real ******, and real love, you would realise that God gave us our sexual feelings, to make more happiness in marriage/relationships.