I Realy Hat Sexism!

I hate and sicknes me to hear everytime how men should be womens boss and that women should listen to men and women must get spanked not men grrrr GOD GREATED US ALL EQUALY!! MEN ARE NOT! BETTER! THAN WOMEN. AND NOT DOMONAND. OKY! Women are not greated on Gods earth to serve as slaves! To men and to be forsed to obey! Men! Thats redicualous!!!! Looks to me some men think we women are here to serve men to make babys,to clean,make the food get spanked and to open our legs when you say so.well MEN WHO THINK THAT IS A BUNCH OF JACKASSES!!!!!!MEN! IS NOT!!!! WOMENS BOSS! I know we dont have to listen get spanked open our legs just becouse our gender is diferent!
TheLastJustice TheLastJustice
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1 Response May 22, 2012

thnk you, im so proud i found this group, i hate the sexist **** on the subconscious level. when people react to females in a differently than males for doing the same thing.

Female police officer apprehends perp=Hero
Male police officer does same= So what its his job.

It goes both ways.