I know that there are TONS of men out there who respect women and treat them as equals, but then you have those few that are just plain sexist.

(I'm only talking about America in this case, where women are given every right men are given, and it's by law)

I am the kind of person who can't even handle sexist jokes. If you tell me to get in the kitchen and make you a sandwich, or tell me that i hit or fight like a girl, I will flip. I get that it's a joke (in most cases), but to me, it's not.

Us women have had to work so hard for the things we are able to do today. Throughout history we have stood up and put our voices out there, fighting for our rights and achieving them!

I understand that sometimes even us women can get a little feisty as well when it comes to sexism. I've seen a man (he was just trying to being polite), hold open a door for a woman and the woman went crazy, asking him if he thought she was so weak she couldn't open the door herself.

But, in the long run, women can do whatever the hell we want, just like men can do. We are not weak. We are not the lesser gender. We are not stupid. Most of us are better drivers and parkers than you (statistically speaking). And, unless we feel like it, we will NOT get back in the kitchen and make you a sandwich.
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Women are better drivers, men are better parkers* ugh that same thing happened to me when I opened a door for some girl. She was like directly behind me I would have done the same thing if it was a guy? I hate sexism both ways it's just ugh

I agree. I am a guy and I do find myself taking the gals side more often then not. Women do not belong in the kitchen and should not have to make their boyfriends/hubbys a sandwich. We are big boys and can make sandwiches ourselves. If we keep saying females belong in the kitchen, they may say that males belong in the garage and we do not want that.Are are equals, different but equals.

Totally get what you mean.
About sexist jokes (as well as racist ones) the best way of handling it, is to act as if you would not understand. Just in a freindly manner of course, thats the best way for me, since I just show them what i think is wrong with making them think and without accusing them of anything.
Created some fun situations and interesting discussions until now.

About behaviour. If someone opnes the door for me thats nice. If I have heavy bags and someone helps me get into the bus with them, thats just friendly. If someone I dont know wants to carry my bags home for me, thats just creepy and happened to me more than once. And they said, that a bag like that is too heavy for a girl. Stuff like makes me angry, but I didnt knew how to react, it were complete strangers, they didnt even knew where I lived. And some were really following me trying to convince me that I cant carry that on my own until I got really angry shouting at them. Most times that made them go away. Really? Is that a new flirting strategy or what?

But I also met girls who want alle the advantages they had, like not paying in restaurants, dont have to carry anything, all this stuff, but at the same time cry for equality and same rights. I mean, it doenst work that way. Same rights means same rights, not same rights plus some advantages.

The problem about these jokes is, that they only work as long as sexism exists in the minds. Someone who does not think sexistic in any way will not use these jokes. Its the unconsciousness that is fed by this way of thinking.

Just like when people still use "gay" as an insult. Its just wrong and it feeds the wrong thoughts.

No point worrying about it .
It will always be like that . You know it's crap so ignore it .
Like I do.
You know who you are . Just give as good as you get .

imo, I think in this day in age most males make jokes about such things just to get a rise out of females. I think they finally got the concept but are either making jokes just cause they think it's funny in a non-ill manner, or because they really do disrespect females. btw, how did you get the picture into this post? This is the second time I've seen that but don't know how it's done.