I Absolutely Dislike Shallow People.

I know this is long but here goes. So one of my cousins is the most shallow person I have ever met. Her boyfriend and she are very average looking people(like the rest of us) but she says the most horrendous things about other people based solely on looks. She posts things on facebook saying mean things about someone sitting next to her in class or about how ugly people shouldn't be jealous of her, how ugly people shouldn't have kids, how she's going to eat vanilla pudding out of a mayo jar so as to make girls that are not skinny jealous of her. She's 23 by the way, it surprises me how immature she behaves. She puts so much emphasis on looks yet has done zilch in her own life. Couldn't pass high school(her parents are rich by the way), no job yes has the audacity to make fun of other people for the silliest reasons. Interestingly enough her friends who are also average looking agree with her shallow ways. By the way she's a staunch Christian and wants to be a Pre School teacher(mortifying).
We used to be good friends until she started dating her boyfriend, she's the type of person that uses people when she's bored. I did not realize this she always whined and cried about how people judged her(she used to sleep around a lot) and about how she's a good person. Last year she had an abortion because she didn't want a child(how Christian) and now that she has friends suddenly acts very rude to me. Her boyfriend is even worse than her.Their whole relationship is a farce because they used to cheat on each other and come and tell me horrible things about each other(things that if I mentioned to them would cause them to break up, I wouldn't do that of course) But of course because my relatives value looks more than brains, my Pre Med and Engineering degree means nothing to them because my parents got a divorce when I was 14 I am considered a bad influence on all of them(even though their kids drop out of school, sleep around and have abortions). I'm so tired oh how shallow my relatives are.
I was always very average looking, but because all my cousins had boyfriends at 14 but I did not I was considered a lesbian(I lived in a very small conservative town) but now that I have a boyfriend they assume I'm bi which I am not. It's very frustrating to always prove that you are a good person just because you don't look like a model. Yet their own kids can get away with murder.
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2 Responses May 11, 2012

Hey, I feel you.
My idiotic relatives are exactly the same!!! i swear, they are such shallow and stupid people it's unbelievable. the worst thing is, that my relatives keep saying that my mom defends and protects my sister and me, and they say harsh things to us, but when i mildly criticise their kids, they get all over-protective ... such hipocrits >.< I hate all this family drama. I don't want to have to do anything with these horrible people. i completely feel you. Do it like I do, ignore these idiots, and just focus on your goals and passions. follow your dreams, dont let anyone stand in your way, be confident and dont worry what others say or think of you, cuz the truth is you wont have time, and its so useless ... enjoy your time, be awesome and prove those people wrong. It will shut them up! Let your actions speak louder than your words.

Perhaps she has some kind of self-esteem issues?