I Hate It So Much, I Usually Wear Pants, Even In The Summer

I used to despise shaving my legs. Its because those stupid razors go dull so easily. I hate it when I need to shave and my razor is dull. Anyways, I bought and epilator. Yeah, it hurt like hell the first time, but now it doesn't really feel like much, and the hair on my legs is almost invisible. It's pretty nice.
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i heard it's good to use talk before epilating too.<br />
long time in pain..nice..lol xp but you don't have to do it as often as shaving..

It can take a really long time. A good tip is to take a bath or shower before doing it and moisturize, but make sure there isn't any residue on your legs. It really helps with the pain. Also, if you are sensitive and can't take a lot of pain take a Tylenol before hand.

how much time epilating you legs takes? more or less. <br />
i'm thinking about that too but it hurts like hell xp maybe i just need to buy better epilator than i have at home.. i tried but got pissed in the middle and stopped

I just stopped shaving my legs altogether. No one ever notices, and my leg hairs aren't coarse at all, but really soft. I've gotten compliments on how soft they are. Boo to shaving!

with epilating you can do it any time, even after you shave. The shorter the hair, the less it hurts. It makes my skin really smooth, but it can get irritated if you aren't used to epilating your legs. It's like waxing, but it's better since it's cheaper and you can do it more often.

I've never tried epilating or shaving. I heard that makes your skin rough, is that right? May be depends on skin type. I always wax but yeah, wax still need some 2mm hair to work which kinda sucks.

Yes epilating is so much better than shaving and the hair grows back so much softer smart move purchasing one hekatemoon