I Hate It Because...

* it's taking a lot of time to shave such big area like legs
* can't find the perfect solution for my skin (some things won't work or/and they'll irritate my skin)
* i often nick and sometimes so bad that it bleeds and the skin is removed so i have to stick a plaster for couple of days
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12 Responses Aug 12, 2010

Lovethebush really? but there are not many people who like it..my ex boyfriend didn't mind but it still felt better without hair.<br />
I already tried Epilator..it's veeeeery painful for me and doesn't remove hair like i thought it would..but i have an old version so maybe that's why..no..it's too painful and it burns my skin..

Instead of shaving I use an Epilator which removes the hair and when the hair grows back it is a lot softer and finer and is a lot easier to remove .The best time to Epilate is after a hot shower while yopur paws are still open .It may be a bit painful the first time but the pain soon disappears over time, and your legs stay nice and smooth for longer than they would when you shave.

What is so wrong with having hair on your legs and other places, i love the feel of hairy legs very erotic!

i wonder what would become of my legs then..lol

hey...why not have someone you trust shave you...that's cool

yeah..they bleed much..they're also healing long..

Shaving nicks are so back, even small ones sting and bleed so much

weird?naw not at all :)

i shave the regular places like legs and armholes. and a bit over 'there' too xd but just a bit.<br />
i would feel bad if someone touched my unshaved legs..and i also love the feel of my smooth skin just after shave..lol..am i weird or what?..

Why shave anyway....hope you don't shave anything else!

waxing..i tried. it doesn't remove my hair or it irritate my skin..<br />
and the result is it's red and look even worse. and it hurts..<br />
if it was working i would use it though..

You could always try waxing or products like neet