I Mean, Not Really But Sometimes

I stopped shaving my legs the first time when I was at a Rainbow Gathering last year in Florida. In our camp, there was this beautiful being called Monica, and hers were only the second pair of unshaved legs I had seen and I just could not get over how gorgeous that was, and how courageous it was to just accept her own self in her natural state.

So I started letting mine grow out, and found out that I felt just as beautiful - if not more so - than when I do shave. Of course, I shave occasionally because it's fun to feel completely smooth legs when you've been furry a while - but in general it's just not a need I have that often. Plus I save heaps of money not having to buy razors and shaving cream and lotions!

And more than anything it makes me feel good because I know when I shave, I shave because I WANT to, not because society tells me I am only pretty if I'm hairless. The choice is mine :)
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Use coconut oil. Before and after shaving anywhere on you'r body. And no it wont clog up your pores. Reduces redness and bumps. Also it is Anti-microbial, cures and prevents yeast infections. Makes your skin as soft as babies.

I love that add me please