Shaving Has Given Me Mantal Problems

Ever since I can remember I was always a Tomboy, I hated make up, dresses, skirts, dolls, pink, and my hair has been the same since second grade! So then the time came when my mom said she was going to teach me to start shaving my legs, so I told her I don't want to shave my legs I like the soft hair that grows on my legs, but she said that I have to and she forced me too. So now ever since then my hair has been prickly and my legs are always cold! The bathroom is now to me the scariest place in the world, whenever I go past the bathroom I start to cry, when ever I go to the bathroom I close my eyes and try to think of something different! But when I shave my legs is the worst, I cry when I shave my legs the feeling is horrible, and after the shower I go to bed early and cry in my bed till the next day then the cycle goes all over again! I cant wait till I can move out and never have to shave my legs!
RainbowShinePony RainbowShinePony
13-15, F
2 Responses May 12, 2012

thats terrible and ur mom is wrong

lol use nair'