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My Husband Couldn't Stop Laughing!

I hate shaving my legs.  Once I got past the age of 12, when I begged my mom to let me, I then discovered that it was a ridiculous ritual.  Sociology then taught me all about social constructs, but even that knowledge hasn't allowed me to stay "au naturelle" for very long.  Even I cave in and shave every few weeks - yes weeks, not days.  Of course, now that I live in Hawaii, I can't even take the winter off...I am fortunate to have blonde hair, so the hair on my legs is fair and fine and only really noticeable when you are close to me.

But, the day my husband couldn't stop lauging at me is what I came to share.  We had just gotten back from work.  I was wearing a skirt, and there was a gentle breeze that evening.  I was reaching into the back seat to get the baby out of the car seat, when I felt something crawling up my leg.  I jumped, screamed and danced around, certain it was a spider.  The light creepy, crawly feeling went away, so I bent back down to get her out of the seat.  The breeze blew through my skirt and the spiders were back!  It was at that time that I realized the hair on my legs was swaying in the breeze.  My husband almost fell off the porch and I was mortified.  Needless to say, I shaved that night.  I think it took me an hour to trim down the forest that had cropped up when I wasn't looking. 

The saddest part, is that it has happened again.  But at least I didn't think it was bugs crawling all over - I knew right away it was my hairy legs.


SerenitySeeker SerenitySeeker 41-45, F 100 Responses Jun 1, 2008

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Shave if you want to, don't shave if you don't. Try not to worry about what others think. Having hair is natural and its silly for anyone to make you feel like you have to do things with the hair on your legs. Maybe you could get used to feeling hair and try to remember to look before freaking out about bugs? Or if you really don't want hair and don't want to deal with it you can get it removed permanently.

I can go months with out shaving. I gets pretty bad. My boyfriend doesn't mind it too much. He says that as long as my down there stays on the up and up, thence doesn't care. He also said that he would shave my legs for me.. That sounds nice. Kinda.

Men and society define what is perceived as attractive, and women conform to that as best as they could. The opposite is not true. You can see the proof of this throughout history. On the contrary, society has made it so that men feel that body hair is more masculine. It's all about society. Why don't women put up beauty standards and have men conform to them the way they're doing to us now? To that, I don't know. I think the tradition started when women started wearing more revealing clothing. You know, shorter dresses, sleeveless tops, more revealing swimwear, etc. Me, I don't wear any revealing clothing. And I'm asexual, and kind of dominant. So I never shave. Go figure ;)

lmao!!! that story really made my day!! and i wish that i could go weeks without shaving. im sure natural is better. You've got a great husband obviously. i wish mine could deal with hairy legs cause i too my dear HATE to shave. (especially in winter when it grows back in two minutes)

oh man that sux. Im right there with ya lady. We all need free lazer hair removal treatments lol For the ladies who have the hardest time with it.

I personally am a fan of helping one spouse, whenever possible, so I say tell your hubby you want him to shave them.

i always wondered why women had to go through this? n thought men were simple and lucky - had to only shave off their beard if they didnt want to keep it. and just then, there were celebrity men with shaved n shiny chests O_O

I love it when my hubby shaves me. The criticism is definitely constructive because it results in a much more attractive me!

You know what? I don't give a ****. Don't shave.

you're lucky, i could have never gotten away with that, i have very dark hair

Some years back, my wife said that she was tired of shaving, and asked me if she could drastically cut back on the amount of foliage to be clipped. I was cautiously enthusiastic, and in a short time, wildly enthusiastic! Our love life got a lot hotter! She still shaves her lower legs if she needs to wear a skirt, but has left the area near "the gates of Glory", unshorn. The only concern my wife had, was a physical with her doctor, who told her that she wished her husband would not be difficult about it..

Blegh I hate shaved women's legs. Epilation is so much better. Or permanent removal.

omg i hate shaving my legs too but I actually don't even bother! I dont even shave it of course when I cant stand it i do but yeah lol

My sister who is one of those "everyday shavers" often teases me about not shaving. I too started shaving my arms in gradeschool. So now i'm stuck with legs and arms unless i want to truly look like my father. Now that winter is leaving im stuck having to decide whether to keep what i refer to lovingly as my hair pants or not. My husband teases me relentlessly while we are in bed. He rubs my leg and pretends to talk to the dog, a pomeranian. Now clearly my legs arent this hairy but he teases me non the less.

Thats soooo how I feel!

I don't think women ought to have to shave ANYTHING.

xD aw that's a cute story I hate shaving too I always cut myself which is a bad temptation for me

Hahaha, great story! I had to read it again, because I was reading all these comments, and forgot the original story :)<br />
I myself use wax (5 yrs now) and it's great, I forgot all about shaving troubles :) My dark, thick and long 'pets' have gotten lighter and I'm so happy for it. If I had light leg hair I would never shave either, lucky you.<br />
Great story again, very entertaining and useful :)

that is a funny story. i always get that there is a spider on me feeling (just random not from hair) and i always brush off where i feel it, but one time i got the feeling and brushed off and it was a spider and i almost **** my pants

ha ohhh god i just have 2 say that i loved the comment where some1 said that they like 2 c how long their leg hair can go and how she doesnt like shaving her legs cuz her hairs r like little pets LOL i just burst out laughing i thought it was hysterical<br />
<br />
& if ne1 cares @ all, lol, id like 2 throw out there that i think shaving is fun n feels good actually once u get used 2 it and accept that it's just one of those things u hate wasting time on but have 2 do. well u dont have 2, but i guess we're expected to, u kno? but i hardly cut myself shaving @ all ne more tho, n i think it would b a lot easier on u, SS, if u shaved more frequently, cuz when u have longer leghair it takes 4ever to shave (@ least for me becuz im such a perfectionist haha) n feels like slavelabor, honestly! so i understand y u avoid shaving until eventually u have 2 give in, and ive tried ur way of going about shaving (well, maybe not 2 the spider sensation extreme.. haha :)) and it just doesnt work for me becuz my legs were never completely smooth afterward, and whenever i did have 2 shave it was so time consuming and painful, but if u shave every day or every other day it's frankly much easier n less overwhelming, so u find urself getting better @ shaving and not dreading it so much ;)<br />
<br />
n just something random 2 think about if u're in the contemplative mood.. shaving is so costly! i mean im sure in the average lifetime we will each spend hundreds of dollars on hair removal products.. wouldnt it just b cheaper 2 get hair removal surgery in the 1st place? saves time and $ and u still get the smoothie smooth feeling.. however, if u're middle aged it wouldnt save u the cash u've already spent, rite? ha.. but im only 16 so i think it would b a wise investment, what do u think?<br />
<br />
i just wish the natural hairy look was sexy to every guy, i'd b so in luck :D

I shave my legs at all times during the year except for winter. I like the smooth feeling, and it isn't too much of a hassle to shave them. I get some sort of odd satisfaction from removing the shaving cream.

I enjoyed your story... but all I could think of asking is... how it is to live in Hawaii? lol

That is funny! It has happened to me too, but your story was funnier. <br />
I thought I was cool when I shaved the light colored hairs on my arms when I was a teenager. It wasn't so cool when the hairs on my arms grew back blacker than the chimney soot!

Wow - I wish I could have that sense....remember how our mothers always told us to never wear underwear with holes, because you just might end up at the hospital and the doctors and nurses would see your "holey" underwear?....well that has happened to me....and so has being in a situation where I sure would have looked better if I shaved my legs...wish I had that kind of good sense and timing....thanks for the comment...SS

That's very amusing that you thought something was crawling up your leg. :) <br />
<br />
My wife hates shaving, too. She's got a good sense of whether or not it's a good day to do it, however, and I applaud her for that. :D

Again....any time, DD....SS

It is past midnight and you just made me LOL. I mean Laugh Out Loud. Thanks...DD

How does it feel to have such a popular story ? Reading all of the comments are truly entertaining ! Thanks again for sharing. I can't decide weather your story or the comments are the funniest. I am still laughing. Love it !! I am proud to be a woman ! I feel so connected to this issue. LOL

LOL! Thank you so much for the laugh, I needed it. I hate shaving my legs too, but also hate when they feel hairy. The drama that comes with being a woman. sigh. Lucky for me, Hubby doesn't mind hairy legs so I don't shave them often unless I'm wearing a skirt. Take care. :)

oh my goodness tht is so funny haha i thought i was cool and started shaving in 3rd grade it sucks buttt now! hahahaha