My Husband Couldn't Stop Laughing!

I hate shaving my legs.  Once I got past the age of 12, when I begged my mom to let me, I then discovered that it was a ridiculous ritual.  Sociology then taught me all about social constructs, but even that knowledge hasn't allowed me to stay "au naturelle" for very long.  Even I cave in and shave every few weeks - yes weeks, not days.  Of course, now that I live in Hawaii, I can't even take the winter off...I am fortunate to have blonde hair, so the hair on my legs is fair and fine and only really noticeable when you are close to me.

But, the day my husband couldn't stop lauging at me is what I came to share.  We had just gotten back from work.  I was wearing a skirt, and there was a gentle breeze that evening.  I was reaching into the back seat to get the baby out of the car seat, when I felt something crawling up my leg.  I jumped, screamed and danced around, certain it was a spider.  The light creepy, crawly feeling went away, so I bent back down to get her out of the seat.  The breeze blew through my skirt and the spiders were back!  It was at that time that I realized the hair on my legs was swaying in the breeze.  My husband almost fell off the porch and I was mortified.  Needless to say, I shaved that night.  I think it took me an hour to trim down the forest that had cropped up when I wasn't looking. 

The saddest part, is that it has happened again.  But at least I didn't think it was bugs crawling all over - I knew right away it was my hairy legs.


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oh my goodness tht is so funny haha i thought i was cool and started shaving in 3rd grade it sucks buttt now! hahahaha

You guys crack me up!....SS

I'm not sure if I should laugh but you wrote it in such an amusing way! haha.<br />
And i know what you mean. Uhhhgggg shaving is annoying!!! I could be doing other stuff instead!<br />
I try to refrain from shaving my legs in the winter because, well, they're covered by pants and no one really sees! (:<br />
But I can't really stand the feeling of hairy legs! Haha!

YES<br />
<br />
S= Some <br />
H= habits<br />
A= are<br />
V= very<br />
E= easy<br />
<br />
NO<br />
<br />
S= shame (on)<br />
H= her! (she is)<br />
A= always<br />
v= very<br />
E= earthy

I hate it too. I begged my mom to let me and now that I can I'm like. Gosh, I wish I didn't have to do this. It feels weird under the sheets of my bed when I go to sleep and I can feel it rubbing against my smooth legs. I need some Nair. And now I don't have time to shave so I end up only shaving half a leg one night and another the next one.

I laughed out loud literally. haha

LMAO that is the best!!!

This is so refreshing to hear about hating to shave your legs.<br />
I feel the same way totally. I've been told as you get older,you don't have to shave as often or not at all. Sounds good to me. So at least we have something to look forward to. :-) Men have it made. All they have is their face. But then, why shave ? I love facial hair on men. Truly a funny story though. LOL Thanks for sharing ! :-)

i hate shaving too but damn i would never go that far

sometimes i just want to see how long it gets!!!! which my husband hates ... i do it only every once in a bit but i have to shave my underarms....<br />
but sometimes i will get ready to shave my leggs and think hhahah its so long i dont want to shave it .. like all the little hairs are my little pets .... then i will chase him with my hairy leggs till laughs so hard he cries !!! good times .. but when he comes back from being out to sea i will shave just for him

Ahaha, sorry, but I have to laugh.<br />
I'm glad I only wear jeans because something like this would certainly happen to me, haha.

I have to say usually its once a week, but when i have a new boyfriend I give up and shave till he's there for me and not my looks...get it?

My wife prefers I have a clean shaved face and I the same for her legs and pits. Once I asked her to let me groom her "special area." Now she asks me to do it on a regular basis. There is something to feeling more sexy after shaving.<br />
<br />
We are also in IL and my wife likes to take breaks from shaving during the winter. Unfortunately I don't get the same break for my face. Gotta do it year round :(

you lucky Serenityseeker, not only i'm of mediterranean type, but i also use WAX and, ... quite frankly it deserves the second rank in my god's-punishment-list after periods i think, <br />
<br />
I'm waaaaay too much picky concerning hair in general (if i don't want to end looking like a gorilla, ... come to think of it, i may have my luck in movies like "king kong") <br />
<br />
But did ya know that there were men wo liked hair ? o_O

I absolutely hate to shave! I remember one time when I went to the doctor (gyno) to get some blood test results. I thought I was just getting results and she decided she wanted to do an exam while I was there. I was so blushing when the nurse told me to put on a gown because it was January and I lived in IL (very cold). The first thing I did was apologize, she laughed and raised her pant leg. She was from India and just didn't understand the big importance of shaving. I don't think she ever shaved a day in her life. I was laughing so hard it didn't matter anymore and she was laughing so hard we had to wait a minute to do the exam.<br />
I love foreign women! LOL<br />
Well now I live in FL and really don't care if I shave or not. I too have had the bugs climbing up my legs and everytime it freaks me out. Must be the blonde in me.<br />
Thanks for the share, it reminds me that we are not unique.

this story made me laugh and put a smile on my face for the day..Thank you.

I think the people who say it takes no time at all are size 0's in pants cuz it takes me at least 20-30 minutes because well I'm NOT a size 0 :p<br />
<br />
If you have curly hair it's a pain also cuz you tend to get more ingrown hairs naturally.<br />
<br />
I probably shave 2 times a month- BUT one thing I do that helps so much NOW (I just figured this out recently) is that I use my husband's hair trimmer to trim down the hairs- it helps out so much, makes shaving a lot easier, last time I shaved I was able to get it done in like 10-15 minutes! I'm considering getting an electric leg shaver, I hear they are the best.<br />
<br />
Anyways, your story was hilarious- and honestly I hate guys who act like their girlfriend HAS to shave, I'm like then shave your balls EVERY DAY as well. :p

that is one of the funniest things I've ever heard. I would freak out too if I felt that

I am also one of the many women on here that HATE to shave their legs!! It is such a pest, and if you really want that smooth feeling that most men (including my husband love) you would literally have to shave like every single day!! Who has time for that--Let alone the energy!! The only time I shave is special occasions or when it is to hot to wear jeans! lol I go to the tanning booth in the spring to get a jump start on my tan and I shave then but now come to think of it, I hardly ever wear shorts or a swim suit so I'm not sure why I shave even then!! lol

I love it! Shaving legs sucks. It's menotinous and really a waste of time. Good for you to grow a forest. It's good to show the people around you that you're comfortable in your own natural state!

You women think you have it hard. Well I guess I have the advantage of not being expected to shave. But if I actually wanted to do so, consider these points:<br />
<br />
1. my leg hair is much thicker and darker than that of any woman I have ever seen.<br />
2. I was lucky enough to be born with dark brown hair and very pale skin (nice in some ways, but not with body fuzz).<br />
3. nobody taught me how to shave either....<br />
4. the hairs "down there" as well as in my arm pits are so thick that I really haven't figured out how to possibly apply a shaver against the skin. The skin itself is not smooth at all, in fact I can't even seem to cut it very well with scissors. It ends up long in some areas and short in others, and takes a good hour to make it look like I didn't have a bear go for my balzac<br />
<br />
<br />
One time I decided to shave my whole body (excluding those really difficult areas), because I was extremely bored and losing my mind aboard a ship in the military. I watched the time, it took around 2 hours to finish, and even then I was just giving up on getting all those last little missed spots that don't seem to end. Oh and I had to do it in the public shower room, which was rather pleasant for all the other guys who came in, let me tell you. I felt really funny for the next week or so, but it was kind of cool. just wish it would have stayed that way. 3 months later and it was all back.


I have to shave my legs everyday because I'm Asian, hence the hair on my legs are dark, and very obvious. =( Hate it!

ha! thanks for a good laugh! I hate spiders and can sympathize with your feeling. I also let my legs go for long periods of time though now that I've joined a gym and take classes with people in yoga pants it's more necessary to mow the lawn. I do keep the pits shave though as they seem to get stinkier with hair.<br />
I have to comment that as a kindness to me, my husband shaves his 'nether parts' to make them less stinky and more palatable to me! What a guy...

That's a hilarious story! I hate the act of shaving, but I like being clean shaven. This is true of both my face and my legs. :-D

We can only hope and continue to be hairy that our culture will the mean time, I've actually been shaving a bit more regularly....not every day, mind you, but enough to keep the breeze from rustling through the I've got daughters (3) in various stages of puberty...I'm trying to take a relaxed approach with them....let them know that hair is natural, not ugly...but that if they would like to shave, I will teach them how ( no one taught me) so they don't need skin grafts the first few times they do it....having daughters is challenging, but I am enjoying the opportunities to share/teach abut these rituals in a relaxed and informed way...empower them to choose rather than be pressured....I'll never be able to compete with the media and a gaggle of teenage friends, but I hope to be the voice of reason they hear in their hearts and minds over their lives....SS

I've struggled with the concept of leg shaving the last half of my adult life. I hate it. I can't get where guys enjoy shaved legs, since the stubble is so painful when you're intimate. I shave a couple times a year whether I need to or not and the rest of the time I just wish society would CHANGE.

I love your story. I took heat in high school - way back in the 1970s - for being the only girl in an all girl's school who didn't shave my legs! The more they derided me for it, the more I let it grow. It was great. Funny story.

Guys who shave their legs = hot. I think more guys should do it. ;-)<br />
<br />
However, I personally hate shaving my legs. It's such a pain in the butt. (-_-)

well i can't say i don't liek shaving my legs, it just feels so good afterwards...and i don't liek hair, but w/e. ur story was very amusing, and if thats the way u liek it then go u!

That is hilarious!!! I love it!!

ROFLMAO...I can barely breathe....!....I can just see you on the ceiling, like Sylvester in the old cartoons....<br />
<br />
Yep, I'm convinced now that I'll never do the waxing thing...blades seems a lot safer...maybe the cream thing, but NO WAXING....massage, huh? I might pay for that, though....SS

i had them waxed once. i hate shaving...was told that i could get by with a few weeks between if i waxed. so...i went, paid my money, was massaged (that was nice) and then when she tore off the *****... and i was peeled off the ceiling i fully expected to look down and see bare bone and zero flesh, lots of blood. cringing. then she said she had to reapply to get the strays.<br />
<br />
i shave...however odious a task it is.

Perhaps I'll have to try these other products...and I do like the soft skin...but, I find that after years of not thinking about it, I forget out it until my eyes fall upon legs and I really notice it...SS

It's a chore for sure, but the results are grand. I really hate it bit I really like the smooth, soft silky skin ... fabulous, just fabulous.<br />
<br />
I tried a creme, Sally Hansen, and it smells like watermelon. Not bad really.

This made me laugh....and I think my husband's quote was something like, "It's not like you're a Sasquatch!..."yeah, I could use a shave today, but it's not too's damn hot here no matter how much hair I have or don't have!...but, the water is fabulous, the breeze keeps me cool, and I only shave when the spirit moves me...which still ain't often!...SS

LOL...that's funny...yes, he is quiet...and he does like to mess with me...his favorite is when I'm in the shower...I'm all soapy, thinking I'm alone, maybe singing a little to myself, when the curtain flies open to "HI HONEY!!" I scream, get soap in my eyes, my heart explodes and he's rolling on the floor...he's gonna kill me one day....SS

I have no words of wisdom hair is dark and I hate the way my legs look with hair on them...but shaving IS a major pain....that's where NAIR comes last's much longer than shaving.....<br />
<br />
Are you sure that was the hair on your legs? I hear LG moves pretty quietly when he needs to...I think he was just messing with you...LOL

Why don't you like shaving your legs?Don't you like that feminine smooth-as-glass feeling?I don't want to be rude,I'm just perplexed.

I HAVE to shave! If I don't, I feel gross. I shave at least every 3 days or I refuse to wear anything that shows my legs.

This is hilarious! I don't see any reason why girls should shave their legs. Unshaven legs on a girl are not unattractive, in my opinion! I think it should be seen as a sign of self-assuredness when a girl lets the forest grow!

I agree with the social construct thinking (a la' Andrea Dworkin). Foot-binding was also considered sexy. Now body piercings are considered sexy. BY SOME PEOPLE. <br />
This is the key concept here folks.<br />
Personally, my husband says he likes his women au natural. He likes hairy pits. I think that's disgusting. But, early in our marriage, in my never-ending humiliating efforts to please him, I let my pits grow. He took me to the nude resort . Where several other men got noticable erections and told me how much this physical thing turned them on. Next thing I knew, my husband wanted me to have sex with them while he watched. This was just another in a long series of things he did to improve our sex life.<br />
Today, any thought of "to shave or not to shave" and what it MEANS, just gets me hackles up.<br />
It does not MEAN anything.<br />
It does not mean you are lazy. It does not mean you are kinky. People can attach meaning to anything at all. You can make a fun ritual out of shaving or having your loved-one shave you. Or not. Heck, you can make a sexual connection out of any bodily function--I've seen ads for people seeking "the buldging red bag and the long rubber hose".<br />
Most grooming tasks can be viewed as either fun and enjoyable, or a time-consuming pain.

I'm hairier than your average silverback gorilla, but I'm a dude, so whatever...<br />
<br />
Evolutionarily speaking, shaving is unnecessary, but in today's society, it's just good grooming.

AnonFren...again, I think you have missed MY point. My original story says this:<br />
<br />
"...I then discovered that it [shaving my legs] was a ridiculous ritual. Sociology then taught me all about social constructs,..."<br />
<br />
Never did I suggest that the vast majority of social constructs were bad, merely that shaving my legs was a product of culture, not a requirement of biology. I mentioned social constructs in one sentence, in a neutral fashion. My only judgment was of shaving my legs, which is considered a thing of beauty in this culture. Not all cultures agree.<br />
<br />
So, suffice it to say, we disagree...and that should be enough. To criticise my intelligence, even in a veiled fashion, is going too far. I respect your opinion, but I do not tolerate being berated for mine. Save your energy for a more important subject. There are plenty.<br />
<br />

Well, it's up to you to decide which social constructs and such are good or not. But you just can't dismiss something on the basis that it is a social construct, which is what you did in your original story. And no, I don't care about whether shaving your legs makes you more a lady or not, it's all about the aforementioned point regarding the dismissal of social constructs.<br />
<br />
And I would be wrong if what you pointed out to be wrong was actually in contradiction with what you claimed that was related.

AnonFren...please insult away...what you say speaks louder of you than it does of me...not all social constructs are productive, and they tend to change over time...slavery is/was a social construct - believed in by ages of "gentlemen" such as yourself...the belief that women are/were less intelligent and capable as men and therefore not deserving of the same legal status as men - also a social I stand by my position that you are are making too large of an issue over something very minor when all that needed to be said was that you prefer a woman who shaves her legs - she is more of a true lady. The rest of your argument is simply inflammatory rhetoric.

Well OF COURSE being a lady is a social construct. Social constructs are what make the difference between civilised and distinguished gentlemen such as myself and brutish archetypal cavemen. And it's another social construct that makes the fine fellow that I am refrain from insulting the hell out of your intelligence.<br />
<br />
"I'm not certain what lesson you are trying to teach me"<br />
<br />
That social constructs are a very desirable thing indeed and that dismissing them as you do only brings you closer to cave woman. And that therefore trying to be a mere woman is an anti-goal as it doesn't require you to do anything and doesn't require you to live up to any sort of standard.<br />
<br />
PS : Could you please make sure to use the words "wrong again" only when I'm actually wrong and not when you're reading what you want to read? Thank you.

AnonFren...wrong again...because beauty, manners and what it means to be a lady are all social constructs...shaving my legs may be a requirement for being a lady TO YOU, but not to, no apology given...give it a rest...enjoy the girlfriend who stays up for days and leave the rest of us who live in the real world alone...I'm not certain what lesson you are trying to teach me, but it is falling on deaf ears...peace out, dude... SS

I love hairy legs, hairy underarms and everything else hairy. Gives me a thrill to see a woman with bushy underarms. <br />
I grew up in Mexico where in those days women were more natural. It changed to the worse in my opinion.

"civilization will not crumble because I don't like to shave my legs...Never anywhere did I suggest that we throw out all social constructs"<br />
<br />
Duh, thanks a lot Captain Obvious! Way to miss the point.<br />
<br />
"I learned that shaving one's legs is not a requirement for being a woman"<br />
<br />
Duh, nothing's required for you to do to stay a woman, because being a woman is only defined by biology. However that's a requirement to be a lady. I accept your apology.<br />
<br />
"Priorities change when babies come along"<br />
<br />
My girlfriend has two babies, two jobs and she doesn't use it as an excuse, she still shaves everything and even works out.<br />
<br />
But in all seriousness, if you don't have the energy to do it (comparing you to my girlfriend is unfair as she can't be stopped. I mean really, she can stay awake for 3 days straight), follow that other person's advice and make your husband do it. If he likes your legs and that you make it sound fun and kinky he'll probably love to do it.

Hey, if shaving your legs is such a pain, don't do it.

oh wow, SerenitySeeker, i did not know that that could happen in the wind!! see, i hate shaving my legs, too, but unlike u, i do not have the fortune of being blonde. my leg hair is thick & dark. unless someone is really looking, it isn't horrible, but i am too self-conscious about that to go out in public even in capris when i haven't shaved in a week, let alone a skirt. u are a brave woman. :) :P so yeah i've never gotten the spidery feeling. i don't know that my hair would blow in the wind. i imagine that they are too stiff.<br />
<br />
thisisjustme, a toast to u, too! i love the immediate smoothness... feels so GOOD when u go to bed that night & are swimming in the cool bed sheets... but yeah, it's the itchiness of the next few days that puts me off! totally! oh, & the even more immediate irritation that sometimes comes from shaving. but i think that's because i used to be a lot more self-conscious & would shave as closely & hard as possible... no more! if anyone's gonna touch my legs, they better like it, or buzz off.<br />
<br />
now i know that a real woman isn't one who shaves her legs perfectly every day & succeeds (without the mohawk!!! oh god i know what u're talking about xD). a real woman KNOWS she's beautiful, because she was born to flaunt those naturally glorious gifts with the sway, the rock, the holiness of her hips - walking, dancing, or otherwise. if there is a God, u know God intended that women be downright sexy just doing what we do - being a WOMAN. sit confidently, & u don't even have to cross ur legs if u don't want to. :)


i am a guy and i used to shave my legs when i was a teenager. People thought i was gay, but i feel it is always nice to have shaved legs.

Get out of the Iron Age and stop shaving! Waxing is hundreds, literally hundreds, of times better! It only hurts the first few times, the hair grows back much more slowly and it comes back much thinner! Upkeep is minimal compared to shaving! I can't say enough about how wonderful it is. I haven't had a razor in at least three years and can't wait until I can afford laser hair removal. Give waxing a few tries and you will be hooked.

I haven't really felt that 'spiders' feeling because I rarely ever use a skirt and when I do I shave my legs but shaving in geral is a pain in the butt =/

i was rather amused when I stumbled across this story! I really thought I was letting the fellow woman down by not shaving! I'm glad to see I'm not the only one out there.<br />
I personally hate shaving, I almost always end up giving myself an unwanted skin graft! No fun I tell you!.<br />
<br />
If and when I do remove the unwanted hairs, I usually wax, painful as most think it is, its really not that bad and a far cry better and lasts longer than shaving.<br />
<br />
Thanks for the share =D

OK what i do<br />
I got a $3 off coupon on this link and all summer long I've been using the Shower Power and it really works good for me. So time consuming as well. Give it a try ladies!!

I love hairy women. I'm a handsome, single,educated male. I love the hairy stories. Please write me if you want a true admirer.

It's nice to know I am among fellow, sometimes furry friends!.... SS

I'm sorry but i just had to laugh. LOL I also hate shaving my legs. I use the sprays. It's so much easier and no cuts!

I let me legs go for weeks too before I shave. "Oh no hope I don't clog the tub up" <br />
<br />
But man am I smooth when I do decided to do it. But man am I itchy in the next few days. Uggh! <br />
<br />
I wish that hair removal cream didnt smell so lethal, Id use it.

Did someone really compare not shaving your legs to murder? Well, I actually don't know why I'm surprised. This IS the internet.

Really interesting stuff...never thought my story would inspire so much...<br />
<br />
AnonFren...please...I think you are taking it a bit too far...civilization will not crumble because I don't like to shave my legs...Never anywhere did I suggest that we throw out all social constructs...I was merely stating that I learned that shaving one's legs is not a requirement for being a woman...<br />
<br />
zahava...right there with you...glasses are hard to wear in the shower & I can't see past my nose...I laughed at the "mohawk" because I hve done it, too!!!...<br />
<br />
hiyaka...I agree...having hm do it it so much better for so many reasons!!!<br />
<br />
Oh and btw, anonfren...did you not read in the story about how I had a small baby in a car seat? Priorities change when babies come along...I was a working mother with 2 small children at the time I wrote of...I was more interested in spending my free time getting a little extra sleep than shaving my legs.... SS

Your instincts were right the first time. The rituals women go through to please males are barbaric. Men don't shave their stinky pits much less their legs. In fact, lately a lot of them have decided that chin stubble is attractive. I've got news, guys. It's not. Wear a well groomed beard or shave. The choice is yours.<br />
<br />
American men need to get over themselves and realize, as many Europeans have that women are beautiful just as Nature made us. Best motto for young women "If you don't like it, don't touch it."

not all men are that way. i'm a guy and shave my legs, i just hate body hair, prefer look and feel of smooth legs and body. but it's personal choice, no woman should feel they have to shave if they don't wanna.

shaving all the time could be a pain though. i find it kinda relaxing but still don't have the time to constantly do it, that's why i started using an epilator.

Hey, if my future wife wants me to shave my pits or my legs, I would probably do it for her, just to make her happy.

hmmmmm ,,, all this rediculous negitivity about shaveing youre legs.... there is a better way.. l;et hubby do it ,, its more fun if you get my drift..... wink

I am definitely willing to shave my future wife's legs.

personally, i hate shaving my legs, too. first of all, without my glasses, i can't see all the hair anyway, and my shower is the size of a cubicle with a curtain and not a door. sometimes, after shaving, i've found that i've given myself a mohawk cause i couldn't see where i was shaving. the joys of being female...

I'm sorry I HAVE to laugh, just because I am the same way! I HATE shaving my legs, and also go weeks without shaving, I probably shave twice a month, unless there is a special occasion and I HAVE to shave my legs. It's such a chore and such a pain in the butt.

EPGrace - laugh all you want - he did! It was a funny moment, one that still comes up from time to time when we play our favorite game of reliving the hilarious events of the past. Actually, that's our second favorite game - the first is "What Would We Be Doing Right Now If We Did Not Have Kids???" !! :-)

Aww.... =D I'm not sure if I'm allowed to laugh, but you wrote it in such an amusing way that I couldn't resist.

heh, i always kind of liked that feeling. like, holy crap, i've got fur, and it's blowing in the wind. <br />
<br />
i honestly don't get much pleasure from having smooth legs; mainly because they do not stay smooth. it's highly impractical, really; but people are willing to pretend it's worth it.

Ever gotten into bed with fresh, clean sheets just after shaving your legs? Believe me, its worth it.

TOTALLY agreeing with fatalcharm right now!

I totaly agree with YOU!