Whose Bright Freaking Idea Was This, Anyway?

Sometimes when she goes to take a shower, my roommate stumbles upon my disposable razor, lying by the bathroom door. I can tell because I hear a muffled "Ouch! ...Oh." just after she walks in. That's where I fling it when my hatred of leg shaving boils over, and sometimes I forget to pick it up after. Oops. Sorry, roomie.

It's just that I hate shaving.

When we all get to heaven, I will find the person responsible for turning leg hair removal into a mandatory task for Western women, and I will punch him out so hard. (Hit me up when we all get to heaven, if you want to join in the heavenly carnage.)

It had to be a man, after all. No woman on earth would perform such a tedious, dangerous, thankless task every three days of her own volition.

I mean, what's so horrifying about leg hair? We all know that we would have it if we stopped shaving for a little while. Why can't we, as a culture, grow up and accept its existence? Now, removing armpit hair I can understand, because it traps sweat and odor. What the heck kind of harm does leg hair do, that we're so obligated to remove it every three days? If we were meant to have baby-smooth skin all our lives, WE WOULD.


*flings razor across bathroom*

CaffeineAlchemist CaffeineAlchemist
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1 Response Sep 16, 2012

Then don't shave your legs. You are allowing society to tell you what to do. Simple.