Hairy Legs!

I am actually very bad for not shaving my legs most of the time.  I just get so lazy or I dread having to take up the razor, cream, wax, or any other hair removal tools available in my bathroom.  I do, however, get pleased with the end result of nice, smooth legs.  Armpits aren't so bad, they're quickly removed right after I've soaped up my body and right before I rinse off.  It's the long expanse of legs that I tend to get so very bored with.  It's ironic, really, because I'm so darned short.

Proof of this very recently.  My cute man and I were pulling out onto our road, on our way to an auction.  I had donned a very little pair of green shorts and a tank top.  It was a hot, humid day.  All of the sudden, the car screeched to a halt and I looked over to see Jer staring, horrified, at my legs.  He then turned the car around, pulled back into our driveway, and asked me to put on a pair of pants.  I looked down and said at least my leg hairs were blonde.  He said he could still see them.  It grosses him out.  But yes, I didn't really realize the hair on my legs could get so long.  It interested me.  I have yet to shave since that time.

When I told some people this story, they were surprised that I'd go out in public with hairy legs.  It really doesn't bother me that much.  However, I do prefer smooth legs.  It feels much better, particularly in the heat.  Looks like I better plan for a long bath tonight.

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so train your bf to shave them for you,could be fun. Add me

I have read quite a lot of posts from other women in your situation, sick a tired of having to continually shave their legs. What they did was to look up the Website called "Hairy leg Club" they read all the posts from the women who stopped shaving, some for 6 weeks, other for 6 months or over a year, most of those women vowed to never shave their legs again no matter how much hair grew out on them and it did not matter what other people thought about their legs. The one word they came out with the most was 'LIBERATED' liberated from the razor blade, they were mostly feminists who wanted a equal share with men who did not shave their legs or armpit hair

Use coconut oil. Before and after shaving anywhere on you'r body. And no it wont clog up your pores. Reduces redness and bumps. Also it is Anti-microbial, cures and prevents yeast infections. Makes your skin as soft as babies.

Hi Happyface, its just a matter of time that you will say good bye to razors as far as your legs are concerned. As you get older you will become more confident on having "natural hairy legs". My wife has a light covering of legs, the hair is black, the only time it is noticeable is when she is having a shower or bath or you are very close up to look. However, despite that she has never shaved the hair off ever, and does not intend to, that does not stop her from not wearing anything to hide her legs during the summer months, if someone notices , so what. I am sure you soon will have the confidence just to throw the razors away. You hate shaving, so just stop it.

your man is a fool.golden hair on a girls legs is sexy as hell

Couldn't agree more - grr-r-r-wwwwow!

I think hairy girls are lovely and would love to meet one! Any offers from Scotland?

two comments...first - your cute guy should like you for who you are and not make you do things to suit him...that being said - I also prefer smooth legs, and everything else - but if my wife doesn't shave - I won't make her and we'll still have a good time...Take JuicyT up on her offer and let me know how it works out! :-) oh yeah...and since I'm in TN - let me know if you need additional help!

I don't mind hairy legs one way or the other, but one thing it says to me is that if her legs are hairy then her ***** has to be hairy and I just love a big bush!

ok i mean i know hair grows fast but didn't he notice the hair growing? hee hee.<br />
but bravo to you for going out in short shorts with hairy legs. that is gumption. i am not there yet... well i don't wear short anything so never mind.<br />
<br />
oh and some men are hairless i think it is weird unless they are athletes. i notice in magazine ads the hairy male model is making a comeback..yeah real men. the hair less pretty boys are still there but not as many.

Whats wrong with hair on legs; didn't nature mean for it to be there? I dont shave my legs until I want to. My man has no problems with it. It grossed him out? Has he ever shaved his legs?

I don't mind shaving my woman's legs myself. I find it quite sensual. this also keeps her from doing it herself. Everybody wins!