Yes and No

This is an interesting one because I do hate having to shave my legs but I do love having smooth legs. I know, I sound whiney already.

I have a HUGE problem with the way society to a certain extent demands that women have shaved/waxed/hairless legs. Why? I mean it is obviously there for a reason.... I hate the fact that you can be made to feel unattractive simply by the fact that you have leg hair. Sometimes I go through phases (in winter mostly) when through sheer bloody-mindedness I don't shave my legs. I figured at the time, I'm single and not parents don't care and I'm wearing trousers so who gives a damn? They're my legs! But then the weirdo in me kicks in and just has to shave off every visible hair within cooee of being shown in the most revealing of my clothes (even if I'm not even going to be wearing anythign revealing).

I do love having smooth, hairless skin. At one stage I used to freak my mum out because I would shave my arms as well (some of that was because I was an avid cyclist and it helped prevent infection should I fall and get road rash). I do LOVE the idea of being completely hairless with exception to my head and eyebrows but it really isn't practical. Unless you're being paid to maintain your image as completely hairless, and very few of us are, then there is really no point in bothering for the sake of bothering.

I went through a time of complete paranoia about going out if I had leg hair,. Thank god I woke up and that passed, but at the time it was a very big deal. "what if someone sees." (i mean, HONESTLY! get over yourself AA)

But I do have another reason for getting tired of shaving my legs. I am tall.  Quite tall. and I have legs that are over a metre takes me forever in the shower to keep my legs looking smooth...and it is exhausting trying to reach down all that way all the time. Also its irritating when the hair grows back and makes you just want to scratch as much skin off as you can (but you resist out of sheer determination) for hair growing back in other places, that can be downright CRUEL!

I know, I know- get a wax....I'm just a big wimp- but I think that's what it'll come down to in the end.

Yours not-so-prickly-anymore


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Why shave your forearms? To me hairy forearms on ladies is very attractive.

Why shave your forearms? To me hairy forearms on ladies is very attractive.

Well, my legs are long, but they are VERY hairy. I remember being so proud and grown up when i was allowed to start shaving them. What a fool! Now, since I hardly ever wear anything but pants, I just don't give a darn. And you can read my story about wzaxing if you want some laughs!