Shave Or Wax?

Since I have always hated shaving my legs, one time, a long time ago, I decided to wax them.  Now remember, children, this was quite a while ago.  Things were not as convenient as they are today.  The wax came in a little pot, like a little saucepan.  You heated it up and applied it to your legs.  There were no other instructions!  Nothing about using gauze or something to take it off.  So, first, of all, I didn't put it on thick enough or evenly.  Then when it had cooled, I couldn't get it off.  For one thing, it hurts like hell to pull hair out by the roots!  I didn't know what to do.  So, my husband and my ten year old son decided to help me with it!  ha!  It was a great time to torture Mom.  They took turns finding thick enough wax and then ripping it off accompanied by my screams.  They gave me NO respite.  I think it was even worse when they pulled little thin strips off.  My son was very adept at this.  It took quite a while with me begging them to wait or stop or slow down while I recovered.  They seemed to think it was great fun and were laughing their heads off.  What was embarrassing was that this became their favorite topic for group discussions with all our friends!   How I screamed, how silly it looked, what fun it was, ripping my hair out by the roots!  Such sadists! LOL  I have never quite lived this down.

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6 Responses Feb 26, 2009

I shave most of my body,but with the no of people who don't like shaving thought might start own shaving service if it was popular enough.

Having started with shaving the lower parts of my legs a while ago I found that I quite liked being smooth & moved on to cream. <br />
Now, the cream was a bit puny, so I tried with wax, but as a man my hair was far more difficult to remove unless it was relatively long. Short or wiry hair just didn't come out when half grown.<br />
Back to shaving for me. I quite like the routine, though.

I added talcum powder before I tried - that took away the pain - short and swift.

I already tried all of hair removing technics. I think shaving is easy and quick, but the result left quckly. The epilator is a real middle age inquisition machine, its wery painful, than i tired the wax, i think is less painful, so i almost enjoy it, compare with the epilator. The result: my skin like a velvet, and never grow under the skin. I have only one problem, its tak e lot of time, till i waxed myself.

well why wax or shave <br />
<br />
oh and for the pubic area- why not try triming the hair then waxing

Yeah, waxing is pretty barbaric. Even on brows, it's not fun. But on legs -- Yeow! Thanks for the compliment.