Holy Crap!

When I turned 12, instantly I was hairy! I hated it! And my legs were the worst! Nothing but a stockings made out of hair! Ewww! :-o

But then, as I got older, and had to fight to keep my legs hairless... my family trait kicked in. After a while. the hair on our legs cease to grow! Whoo-hoo! ;-)

So now... what I get from time to time is peach fuzz on my legs, which I have to remove. But that only happens once a year. =p

My legs are hair free! ...Sadly, the same can't be said about my armpits and upper lip. Grrr. :-/

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4 Responses Feb 26, 2009

I know the feeling well (sigh).

OMG! I'm so jealous!<br />
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I have sensitive skin so I get really bad razor burn. I have to choose between hairy or red and bumpy. I choose no hair, but it sucks.

I love EP...there is so much freedom in just being honest. I too noticed that I was hairier than than the average girl when i was 13, but now its ridiculous. If I could shave once a year...like my mom, I'd love it. But for me to stay smooth I have to shave daily.

that's a lucky break that you got those hairless legs, lol! i can't say the same for myself. i don't mind shaving my underarms, but the legs drive me nuts! being tall makes it an extra pain, because there's more leg to cover. but somehow i force myself to do it anyway, because i hate that stubbly feeling even more than shaving itself!