Don't act like you don't feel me ladies. I'm not afraid to admit I hate shaving my legs because it's a pain in the ***. It sucks having to shave every couple of days or every other day. Now I know why men grow beards!! In the winter my husband is lucky if I shave my legs once a month bwaahaaha!
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The most amazing thing I discovered about 8 months ago @somerbunni703... Sugaring. I now own JBHomemade where I make organic, natural, Sugaring Paste and Sugaring Wax from an ancient Egyptian method using organic raw sugar, fresh lemons, organic guar and H20. I tell you this whole heartedly and 100% truth...I will never shave (or use traditional salon type waxes) another part of my body again! Sugaring is as gentle as removing a Band-Aid, lasts up to two weeks the first time you use it, longer each time thereafter. Hair grows back finer, thinner, sparser. I can use it on my MOST sensitive (*ahem) area and worse than removing a Band-Aid. It cleans up with just warm water (sugaring is water soluble). Its been around since the Egyptians!
I also make organic sugaring exfoliation and oatmeal exfoliation for before and after skin care.

Learn about the history, how-to's, before and after photos, videos, how to purchase, contact me, my etsy shop...all sorts of information I have gathered on my PUBLIC facebook page

Stay sweet!
Jen B

I hate shaving my legs too, but I'm too scared to wax them at the same time lol, the struggles of being a girl sometimes lol.

Waxing sucks and so does shaving. I wouldn't wax my legs- not worth the effort. Too much effort!

Oh yeah! I feel ya! *sad sigh*