It's not so much that I hate shaving, I just hate that I am expected to do so by society in general.  If I don't shave my legs and armpits I know people will look at me like I'm gross, but there's nothing wrong with it, men aren't expected to.  Sometimes I want to shave- so I do, and other times I don't want to- so why don't I just not do it?  Because, to be honest, I just don't ant to deal with people being weird about.

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Use coconut oil. Before and after shaving anywhere on you'r body. And no it wont clog up your pores. Reduces redness and bumps. Also it is Anti-microbial, cures and prevents yeast infections. Makes your skin as soft as babies.

i think you should not 'deal' with people who get weird about it. they are the ones with the problem. think about it. they are concerned about whether or not YOU have armpit hair???? i think they should find something else to occupy their thoughts.

I am a guy in the mid N.C. area that does appreciate the natural woman. Any ladies interested in private discussions on this topic use jamsew1 as the name on the yoo who place.<br />
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I think that not shaving is a turn on. I love to see short stubble from not being shaved for a couple days. In all areas... armpits, legs, and pubic area. So there are a few of us guys out here that can appreciate it. Not a pervert or anything like that. Just find that to be a turn on.

I don't anymore just for that reason. Who cares what people think! Its purely a cultural thing and for no other reason. Seems like a waste of money and time, have to endure pain and being uncomfortable - for what? Seems like we've all been a bit duped into believing something. We fight for a choice for more important things but let ourselves be led like sheep on something this silly...

If you hate doing it you souldnt do it. who cares what people think, as long as your happy right? alot of people look down on others for alot of things these days. Its just how they are. why dont you get them angry and start doing what you want, not what they expect you too!!