The Hair Is Awful

I have nothing against the act of shaving in fact. Just anything around it. Everything's wet and bleeding cause I'm not really able to shave my legs without cutting myself or some spots on my legs. And then ... about 12 hours later the hair is back. Black. On my white legs. So ... basically it's all completely senseless. It annoys me big time.

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5 Responses Aug 20, 2007

sam200b, yes, they are. very much so.

Ever tried Schick Quattro for Women? I use the disposable ones, and although they are expensive at 6 bucks for three they are well worth it. I'm 28, so I've been shaving for a long time and I have tried everything on the market. These are the best. They are so smooth and easy to use and they have thin blades for a sexy, close shave. They also have little coils around the blades to protect you from nicks so I can shave my legs at breakneck speed and never get a scratch. You can use them like 10 times before they get dull!

You SHOULD try wax. Or, you can try a mix of sugar and lemon juice. Cook them togheter until they loke like honey. Let it cool (room temperature aprox.). And use it as wax. It's less messy than wax and hurts a litle bit less. (two cups of sugar and the juice of one lemon.)

NAIR can work wonders, too.

ever tried waxing? people always tell me I should ... but argh, I bet it hurts so much!!