Shave Me Please

I used to be a very clean person (not that I am dirty, lol).  I used to shave every time and now, the mood is not even there.  I always tell myself, okay tomorrow and this tomorrow never comes.  = meaning, I don't do it as often as I used to.  Damn me.  I hate seeing the hair and at the same time, I say f. it at times.

A person who couldn't stand seeing any hair...I see them now.  lol

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Think about your sex partner for a while

Own your natural body. Embrace it. Let your body be as nature and biology intended. There is beauty in it. :) If you truly dislike shaving, which is completely understandable, then go easy on yourself... and don't do it. The most frequent complaint about shaving is the regrowth process. Just give it time and you will not only soon become accustomed to it, but also likely enjoy it. In any case, don't give in to the pressures society has invented for decades upon decades. Instead, focus on overall health and finding what it is in life that truly creates happiness for you. The truth is you're beautiful how you are, hair or not. Regardless of size, height, or anything else. Be content with your body, as is. :) *hugz*


LOL yeah :D

I would submit that even if a woman could braid her body hair... it would still be beautiful and even sexy. There is nothing inherently bad, gross, wrong, or distasteful about that. As I've said before, the presence of body hair does not automatically equal poor hygiene. Bad choices or habits in cleansing do that. I never have problems with what a person's preferences are. But I strongly assert that what must be examined are the reasons behind one's preferences. Is it truly our own idea, or the result of decades of social conditioning? Sadly and usually, it's the later. The question for each person to ask them self is, "how in control are you of the thoughts in your head?" Food for thought... even outside this topic.

I have to agree. :)


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