Only If Needed

I hate shoes because I found that they were causing me extreme pain. I gave up wearing shoes about four years ago. Don't get me wrong.... I still wear them, just when needed to though. I consider shoes to be a tool like a tape measure, fork, hammer or even a glove. All of the tools we use in our everyday lives have a purpose and shoes are no different. I find that if I can go barefoot I feel much better. My feet don't hurt and my disposition is much better.
It did take some time for me to get use to the idea of not wearing shoes but over time it became natural. I do keep a pair of flip flops close and yes they are shoes but they are a tool that is used sparingly. Most every day I do not work I can be found barefoot.
Some of the places I go barefoot are the super market, drug store, gas station, liquor store, post office, park, pizzaria, doughnut shop and coffee shop. I can also be found riding my bike on the local equestrian/bike path barefoot too. At home I am allways barefoot. I mow my lawn and trim my bushes in th garden barefoot also.
I find that being barefoot is a natural state of being and I enjoy it very much. By doing so my foot pain has gone away and I feel much better. I have only been kicked out of one store and that store is "Fresh and Easy". Needles to say I do not shop there any more.
By going barefoot some of the benefits are my feet feel better. They look better and my toes have a gaps between them. I do not get athletes foot and I haven't had planter warts or any of the other issues that people always say will happen if you do not wear shoes. My toes are getting straighter and the calluses on the sides of me feet from the shoes I would wear are going away. If there is one crticism that I have is that In wish I would have done this sooner.
iwonto iwonto
41-45, M
Sep 23, 2012