One Of Them Is My Friend

Me and my best friend, Stef, basically ***** about her all the time. Her name is Chelsea, I've known her for 5 months and I can't keep up with how many boyfriends she has had... some she has had at the same time. 

She fancies any guy she sees and if one shows interest in her she'd be flirting with them, being pretty forward. 

I had a party at my house a few months ago where loads of my friends came and drank. I went to hug a guy I have known since I was 11, then Chelsea who only knew him for 10 minutes wanted to hug him and he said 'no thanks'. After 5 seconds, Chelsea whispered to Stef "I think he's gay". I was told next day by Stef that when her and Chelsea were walking home one of lads I knew caught up with them. Him and my best friend made out and Chelsea ran off crying and when Stef went to get her she shouted "You knew how much I liked him!" 
At the time, Chelsea had 3 boyfriends on the go. She basically fancied every boy at my party. 
She later texts one of boyfriends at night saying how much she loves him. Half an hour later, he texts back saying that he wants to break up. 

Me and Stef figured he either got what he wanted (sex) or found out she's cheating on him. 

She has never had a long term relationship. It only lasts for about a week. 

I regret inviting her to my oldest friends party, Lauren and Leah (twins). Me and Stef are 17, Chelsea is 18 and Lauren and Leah were turning 16. 
Lauren and Leah have an older brother, Luke (19) and his best friend is Robert (19). Robert was at Lauren and Leah's birthday party and I've known him for about a year and I like him but a little more then like. But as usual, I don't mention who I am fond of. 
Robert went out for a smoke with Chelsea so me and Stef decide to go out for fresh air and talk. Robert was picking me up and I was play fighting him. I thought he really liked me. 
Chelsea has a boyfriend and she had her and her boyfriend as her phone wallpaper. When she had a picture with Robert, she changed it to her and Robert. She has only known Robert for an hour and annouces she is dumping her boyfriend for him. 
You can not imagine how upset I am. Any boy I like, I have to make sure she doesn't meet him. 
Lesson learnt. 
Gemz2411 Gemz2411
22-25, F
May 23, 2012