I've been living with my boyfriend for about 3 years now, and I think I can safely say I'm addicted to sleeping with him in the bed. If he falls asleep on the couch, I will go to extreme lengths to wake him up and drag him to bed. On the occasion that we're mad at each other (I almost always try to make up before bedtime... I adhere to the "never to go bed angry" policy), he's out of town, or he just will not budge from his spot on the couch and I do end up having to go to bed alone, I find it almost impossible to go to sleep. I'll just lay there for hours and sleep never comes.

You would think I'd enjoy the alone time. As soon as he falls asleep, his body refuses to stay on his side of the bed, and I usually end up with the bottom half of my body squished under his iron-heavy legs, but I still prefer that to an empty bed. We even had a fight a while back because after we fixed up our living room really nicely, he made a habit of falling asleep on the couch every weekend and refusing to move after that. I'd spend hours trying everything I could think of to get him up and into the bed but he'd end up getting angry with me and yelling at me in his sleep, lol.

chasinghappiness07 chasinghappiness07
22-25, F
Jan 10, 2013