Sleeping With The Spouse

So out of 18 years of marriage I have probably slept next to my spouse 4 years collectively. Yeah, not good right? Well, it used to bug the heck out of me. In the beginning, I mean you marry to have someone next to you, right? Yeah, well things would happen and I guess he tried to use it as a punishment. Even if we had sex he would send me away. Yeah, I know....not good.
Then you count nursing both girls who would wake at night. I would just fall asleep with them. He would get mad at that. I was exhausted! So kids came into play with some of it.
Then he couldn't stand "my breathing". Yeah, I know...not good. LOL I always wondered if he would try and stop that. Just kidding...but yeah, sensitive to my sound. I know I snore when I am sick or exhausted. But he actually meant my breathing, yeah, I know, he was just being a jerk.

Then I got so used to sleeping alone I liked it better. When we decided to try and work on things he demanded I sleep next to him. Uggh, I hated it! Cannot lay comfortably next to him. Afraid of him complaining about my breathing. He makes this awful, tk,tk,tk,tk sound when it does. It rattles me. It got to a point I didn't want him touching me either so I would just lie there hoping he would just fall asleep. I would notice my whole body stiff and fists clenched so tense. It sucked.

So then I had my shoulder surgery. Thank God! I had to sleep on the couch. I'm still here. Although its been hard to be comfortable due to the surgery, I am so much more relaxed. Loving it. I am just planning on staying here. I figure one of these days he will make a comment but I don't care any more. I cant stay next to him. Afterall, I need to breathe. :)
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You guys sounds like it is better to sleep separate beds. But I can see your point. All that extra space all for yourself. :D

It really is better. :)