OMG, a journey that takes 15 minutes has just taken me nearly 40 minutes

I wouldn't have minded if it was a mobility scooter but maaaan, an Audi TT!
FFS......Take it back to the show room if your not get dirty with it!!!!!
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When on my motorbike I love being able to metaphorically stick 2 fingers up at these clueless folk by overtaking rapidly and disappearing into the distance. In the car, I'm fuming...

Too many people need to be shown where the gas pedal is! ITS ON THE RIGHT MOTHERF&€@R!!!
No I don't get road rage at all! :)

Too bloody right!
This one really bit my ***! A fast car with a slow driver..what is with that??

It's like wiping your butt before you poop! It just don't make sense!


'g3tting dirty' hmmm thos3 w3r3 TH3 k3y words :D :D

Just got back from a holiday in Kenya! If you went through the traffic there, you would want to commit suicide literally!

Bad then??

Extremely bad! Lights aren't obeyed at a junction, everyone is just going mad!