No, Not the Mentally Handicaped

I'm talking about the people in the grocery line that after their 2 cart loads are rang up they take an extra 20min sorting coupons and counting money. i guess doing this while their items are scanning is too much to ask. Then there's the people who take forever to get gas. First of all they creep up to pump (I work at a convenient store, I have seen this happen!). Before they even get out of the car they have to put on their sunglasses and scope themselves out in mirror, to make sure they look sexy while pumping gas! Once their out, pumping takes about 10min, after which they commence to going inside. Inside, in the middle of the checkout line, he/she decides needs a drink, then decides "well I'm a little hungry too" then " now I need some gum to cover this Funyun breath I'm bound to get". If your the person waiting behind this person to pump gas, you're either cussing under your breath or have already drove off. if you choose to stay, finally they got their *** out of the way. At that point you realize that you waited 30min for them to pump and pay for 2 gallons of gas! My point is, while these people are taking their sweet *** time, the rest of us are rushing to get back to work, home etc....If you have nothing better to do than to be slow, then it shouldn't bother you to scoot over and us people with **** to do go first!
Luci Luci
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5 Responses Mar 29, 2007

well, i do work in retail, but lucky for me my boss is cool and never there. so i have no problem telling them to move their ***** out of the way!!!

Slow-arsed coupon clippers and rude fucktards who think their cellphone conversation is more important than checking out at the grocery store used to make me rage back when I was a cashier. Do you know that at many stores, cashiers are timed by their items per minute they can scan and how long each transaction takes to complete, and are given raises commensurate to that speed? Lolly-gagging assmachines like that can really cost a checkout clerk come evaluation time. I will never work retail again!!

I hate it when you drive behind some body driving 10 miles an hour in a 35 miles per hour speed limit and there are a long line of cars behind them and they do not have the decency to pull off the road and let others pass because others can not pass on account there is a double line and you are going to be late for your appointment. Those of course are the same people that go to the place you work I'll bet.

Right on luci, I agree. But the worst slow people are smelly slow people who you can tell don't shower. I've been stuck behind, or had them in front of me, and I'll just leave. There's nothing worse than a slow person who stinks, and usually has some one doing everything for them because they 'can't'. and they can't take a shower because they're 'disabled' or 'allergic to soap', my husbands late mother was like that. She would literally stand in doorways and traffic areas for the longest time, while people would have to get around her some how, and they would have looks of disgust on their face, or you could tell they were trying not to breath. I finally started coughing and fake sneezing, spraying all over as much as I could, if I could, I'd fart. If she didn't move, at least I felt like I could fight back. Try farting, maybe they'll hurry just to get away from the smell. They really are rude.

As a Coupon Queen let me tell ya folks a time saver! Have coupons in hand at the check-out, and then lay them with the product as it's being rung up! Your cashier will thank you... and Luci will thank you!! ;)