No Offense....well, Yea Offense

To be honest, girls and guys can sleep with whoever they want to. I hate a certain type of *****. It's not the sleeping around that makes me mad, it's the MOTIVES behind certain types of *****. Some ******* cross boundaries just to feel better about themselves or feel wanted. I don't like the type of ***** who sleep with their bestfriend's boyfriends or something very backstabbing like that. Clearly, you are just trying to make yourself feel better by putting yourself in the way of your bestfriend's relationship.

I understand that some people like forbidden pleasures, but that is crossing the line and if anyone of my bestfriends or family members ever slept with my girlfriend I would beat the **** out of them endlessly with NO remorse.

I don't have animosity towards all *****, it's just the kind that enjoys betrayal. Since these ******* like to sleep with their bestfriend's man or women, they should get their ***** beat afterwards.


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Dec 13, 2012