Oh I Do... I Really Really Do

Oh be sweet to them.. give them what they want... make them hard just thinking about you and what your going to do to them wherever and whenever they want... BUT ***** ..Sucks To Be You when they realize WE are right and your nothing but a skanky *****.... Husband Hunter and ****..

Listen ... they are out there..... they will do anything to get them... and there is nothing you can do... men are tricky and seem to really like *****... when they say they don't... THEY REALLY REALLY DO..

And ***** don't even know that what they are doing is wrong !! 

 LOL  ... Pretty stupid huh....


oh... sure that works....... NOT !!!!!!!!!

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6 Responses Jun 15, 2007

You are right, Men like ***** don't forget that!

I dont even understand what i wrote. !!! WOW life really does go on. thanks for the help guys ... err ... really :) um .... im fine really .... thanks .... just talk amongs yourselves ha hahaha ha

mikemcneil: I don't know what the 6 asterisks are. I'll wager you misunderstood something, but that must be why you "sighed" at me. You're very moral, certainly a worthier human being than me and many others. Good job.

Mojoe that is pretty funny coming from someone who has just said ****** is nothing to be ashamed of....

I really don't like *****. I'm not saying I don't find some attractive physically, that's not the same thing. I'd never sleep with, date, marry...etc any woman I considered a ****. Some guys are more decent than you might think.

I agree....a lot.