what exactly is a "slutty dress woman" ?

Men stared at men when they saw me walkin around in my school uniform. Would that make me a "slutty dress" woman?
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No you are a perfect women.

I totally and completely agree with you. I think this group is absolutely ridiculous.

So what you really hate is the hypocrisy, they dress like they want it, but get offended when they get the attention of the man.

And by definition for your uniform, if it was something like hollywood put's out for the stereotypical "Catholic School Girl Uniform", is usually shorter than standard ones. But I believe you will find that, men who see those kinds of uniforms as sexy, I think they wish they were back in those days of their lives, because of the typical innocence of the girl. That can be a powerful delusion that they have to battle through. And the uniform becomes sexy more because of the aggregate understanding that the age group has of life. And the imagined power that they might have over that school girl. The seduction is in the age and power difference as much as in the clothing. At least that is my psychological take on the subject.

I dress se.xy. But I do it not because I want to get attention from a man, I do it because I want to feel se.xy and comfortable. For example, I love the beach. I usually wear short shorts and tank tops, now that's not very revealing. I like what I wear because they are light and it's easier to swim in them. But of course, I do get stares from men. And it pi.sses me off! Now, my beach clothes are sexy and a bit revealing.. .now, I ask you. . am I allowed to be angry at the men for staring at me? Actually, yes I do. But, is it reasonable for people to hate me because of what I wear? No