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I find it really hard to stay focused in a group discussion at a party. I'm good at the beginning, I can mingle and chat but at some point I start to lose my concentration and I'll be daydreaming while people speak. I know it's rude but it's like I can't stay tuned in to the discussion.
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I think that is one of the reasons that I'm not accepted, cos that happens a lot with me also. I am better with one on one discussions.

Occasionally I am aware that they realise I am not really listening - so my rescue trick is to focus on the last bit they are saying and make my next words relevant! :/

I do the same thing. In the beginning i may be chatty..then I shut down. I gaze and tune everything out around me it seems. And yes around people i know well. Sometimes I feel maybe im overwhelmed? Haven't quite figured it out yet. Perhaps I dislike being in a big of a group aggrivates me. Funny you mention this, because i have noticed I've been doing this much more lately.

Thanks for sharing :)

Yes! Me too; I can only take it so long before I just lose the plot and start deeply wanting to get out of there. It's something to do with the sheer number of people: I'm much better in a quieter setting with a few close friends than a big noisy party.

Nah. Mine today was with 5 close friends - I love them to pieces but I just switch off.

Ah; just run out of the need to say anything? *nods* Hopefully they know you well enough to understand. :)

Not even that...I just drift off...

(Never understood the need to say stuff just for the sake of saying something. Much better to just say what you actually want to say and stop; that way everyone knows it means something.)

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