I hate social pretense. I used to dissemble all the time. I'd I'd lie about my interests, feign laughter, and all the other bullshit that's so common in this society of ours. Now, I was under the erroneous impression that most people would like me better if I molded my personality such that it emulated their interests, commiserated with them (even when they were stupid, apathetic folk who wouldn't know a real problem if it walked up and kicked them in the nuts), and generally put up a facade that catered individually to them. I suppose that, on some level, this approach worked. People are more eager to talk to someone that they think understands them and their "issues". The problem with facades, though, is that they belie the contents of what they protect. This has the unfortunate effect of making the facade very likable, and leaving what it covers unknown. Anyway, some time ago, maybe six months now, I let my execration of this socially entrenched deceitfulness get the better of me, and I just stopped. I remained polite, but I stopped lying. I must now say, having a half year's hindsight, that it's one of the better social decisions I've ever made. I don't have as many acquaintances who would call me "friend" now, but the ones that do tend to be people I actually like, and about whose opinions I genuinely care. I wouldn't have believed it at the time, but this has made me significantly happier. I worry less about what trivial people think and I live my own life, with my own face, not that of perfidious, disingenuous thespian, ever on that stage of deception.
Isayoldchap Isayoldchap
18-21, M
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Dear Isayoldchap, you write beautifully for such a young person,
And you have learned a great lesson, continue to be who and what you truly are, and your life will be genuine and the friends you meet will also be real.

Wasn't sure if I was reading the great gatsby, none the less impressive.

You are too kind, really.