Hate When Someone Smokes Around Me

Yes, I absolutely hate it. That's why maybe I didn't get addicted to cigarettes when I tried them. They just didn't inerest me. What'sin that smoke that people like it so much? I fail to understand that.

It makes me very unconfortable around people who smoke. I heard than even passive smoking is as dangerous as actual smoking. That's why I don't any of my friends smoke in front of me. They can do it later on when I am not near. Cigarettes should be banned, I tried them and I know there's no fun at all.  

Titan007 Titan007
22-25, M
3 Responses Jul 12, 2010

That is what the government want you to believe. The original concept of second hand smoke came from a Federal government clerk, in a mistake statement made to the media. At that time even the surgen general was smoking cigars. Remember WW11, when millions of smokers were sent to the troops. That is why we still have lots of old people smoking today.

yes, I am against all these things. but cigarettes isn't a small issue. it kills many people than we think.

If you hate cigarettes, sure sound like you do, I can imagine what legalizing M&M will make you even more angry. In fact, a bigger issue is drugs, booze and prostitution. Or take the global problems of sex slaves, or mass murders that our government turn their eyes away from. Guy, don't sweat the small stuff of cigarettes, beside the government already made legal. There are thousands of other issues you can work on. But then again, you don't need more issues around you at your age.