I Cannot Stand It

Growing up, both of my parents smoked. Both my sister and I had allergies and asthma. Our mother told us to lie to the doctor if she asked us if our parents smoked so our mother would not have to get a lecture about how smoke is bad for asthmatics. As if the doctor would not be able to smell it on us. I spent a large part of my childhood in my room with the door closed and my windows open so I would not have to smell it.

When Ohio passed the law not allowing smoking in restaurants or other public places, I was very happy. I hate going to a restaurant or bar or bowling alley and having my clothes smell of smoke when I left. Not to mention coughing and the rest from it.

I just don't understand the habit. I can understand that it is addictive. Powerfully so. But significantly increasing your chances for lung, throat, and breast cancer, lung illnesses, and every other health problem smoking causes, plus the smell of it would seem to be good reasons to quit. And the cost of a pack of cigarettes is insane. There are so many good reasons not to smoke. Everytime I hear someone try to defend their addiction it sounds hollow like they are taking some principled stand for their rights. Meanwhile ignoring my right to not suffer secondhand smoke.

It is hard for me to have any respect for smokers. If they chose to make such a poor decision for themselves, why should I respect their other decisions? There have been a few that I respect, but the level of respect they earned from me was far lower then it would have been if they were non-smokers.

It is something that I cannot stand and cannot understand.
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3 Responses Feb 23, 2007

They told you to lie? What disgusting, ****** parents.

My brother smokes I think he's an idiot for doing it, but he's also converting to mormonism just so he can bang his girlfriends brains out so I'm not really caring right now.

There's nothing like spending money on something that will slowly kill you.<br />
I wish my boyfriend would quit...he is a good person and I don't want him to get cancer one day. I don't understand it either...all i know is that he has an addictive personality and is impulsive at times. His mother quit many years ago and I hope he has the strength to also.