People Can Make Their Own Mistakes, But...

Just don't smoke around me. I'm usually too nice to tell smokers to put out their cigarette's, but cigarette smoke really does bother me a lot and chances are I will at least leave the room or give you a cold look if you light up a cigarette.

I understand it is an addiction and people can't quit so easily, but nonetheless nonsmokers should not have to be exposed to second hand smoke just because smokers think they can blow their smoke wherever they want. If it is your own house or somewhere intended for smoking then it is my own fault if I wander into there, but some smokers really need to be more considerate and avoid smoking on the bus and in other public places. I just find smoke really bothers me a lot and if I'm around it for too long I will even get sick. It can even trigger asthma attacks in some people and prolonged exposure can lead to health problems, so I think you get the idea.
tjlkitty tjlkitty
26-30, M
Apr 18, 2012