I Can't Stand It!

i really really hate smoking, it's not worth the risk of getting cancer from it, and it's a long term self harming thing. fare enough i understand if people are stressed, they may find it calming, and its there way of coping, so i'm not and don't get at anyone that does smoke, but it's not good, and should be prevented at all costs. the smoking bans that have been brought into public places are great, and hopfully should work to stop and help prevent things like passive smoking, cos i think that is the most unfare thing, when i person doesn't smoke but they have to breathe in other peoples smoke. it shouldn't be aloud, cos to put it simply thats like killing the people around you, and know one cares about it, well they should, so i'm glad that that ban did come in!
sezy sezy
18-21, F
Aug 14, 2007