Smug Person At Work :(

I am doing my work practicum for college right now, and the job that I want very badly is at the company I am with right now. I want to get hired for real into this one department, but there is a girl working there who is very smug. One of my friends from school is being trained in that department by this smug girl, so when we are on break the smug girl will sometimes come over to talk to us and what I want is to punch her in the face.

First time I met her, me and a few other students were talking and she came over to talk to us. We were talking about the department she is in.
me: ''yeah I wanted to work in that department too, it looks very cool''
smug girl: ''yeah. It IS the department you wanted.''
me: . . . . (thinking...WTF...)

then later, we were talking about the college program she took the past year, that we were currently taking.
smug girl: ''yeah I got hired here through a practicuum right after highschool. I took the college program while working here. that program is such a joke. I loved my teacher because she was the one teacher who understood that the whole program was a joke. I just went to class everyday not caring because I knew it was stupid.''
me and students: '' . . . . . ''

Yesterday...friend and I are having coffee before our shift starts. Smug girl comes over to talk to friend.
friend: ''I'm so excited about Canada Day tomorrow. I get the whole day off!''
smug girl: ''Don't you usually get the whole day off?''
friend: ''No usually I have to work''
smug girl: ''oh right, that's because you work retail....people with real jobs always get Canada Day off.''

Anyway I try not to let it get to me as I know it is not a personal insult against me at all but I CAN"T STAND HER ATTITUDE. And my friend there is so sweet and nice and I can see her being influenced...she just sat there and didn't talk back to her. I think she's starting to believe some of the stuff this smug girl says. That's what bothers me more than anything. I'm starting to wonder if I should open my mouth next time this girl does a passive-aggressive putdown like that, but I don't know if that would be sticking my nose into someone else's business? Especially when I can't afford to get myself into trouble where I am. Apparantly this girl is really mean to people she doesn't like. She makes my blood boil.

Sunburst Sunburst
Jul 1, 2010