Used To Hate Them Till I Realized They Are Misunderstood/beautiful Creatures.

I was terrified of them but now I love them they are so cute and harmless.The only ones I fear are poisonous ones and the anacondas and burmese pythons I hate these ones!!! They give me nightmares I have seen pictures and videos of them shallowing their prey yes it was large prey and it scares me,if someone wanted me to hold a burmese python I would ******* make a move for it!!!! I am kinda scare to get bitten by one big or small their bites can be nasty.Now that I overcame my fear of snakes I would love to pull a prank on someone who is terrified just with like a small snake eg gartner or corn,milk,king it would be sooo funny I almost did that my mom I wanted to put a gartner snake in her bed while she was asleep she would of freaked out!
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Jan 23, 2013