Loads Of Snobs In The Area I Live In.

There are girls in my area,and they are so snobby its unbelievable.
The first time I saw them they came to me and asked me stupid questions like
if i married ,and how old i am acting all friendly,and the next day they saw me they completely ignored me stupid girls hate them.So now everytime i see them i ignore them.
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5 Responses Jan 11, 2013

That does sound petty and ridiculous. Once someone blanks me I don't give them a second chance.

That's good

Yeah, you're doing the right thing. What else can we do with people who have personalities as deep as the shallow end of a paddle-pool? :)

True :)

It's their loss, not yours, honey; be glad that they've done you the favor of showing you how unworthy of your time they are.

Aww thank you ,I really appreciate your comment i feel better now

You're very welcome, but it's simply the truth. If I were you I wouldn't waste another moment's thought on it. These girls should be pitied. How sad to go through life with such a negative attitude towards others.

Yeah I know i hate people like that.

I ignore snobby people also

hmmm this should be done with these type girls-------some girls are really mean :)

yeah thanks for commenting