If I Never See It Again, It'll Be Too Soon.....

 I DO hate snow.  I supppose when I was younger, I probably loved it..to play in, build snowmen, admire the frosting it put on the world. But those were things of childhood.  Since I've been of the age to drive, I've always hated the snow...it makes driving so dangerous, and leads to the dreaded "black ice".

This weekend, I have even more reason to hate the snow.  It has stolen at least 24 hours from me  and Tiger.  He's been snowed in in his state, hundreds of miles from mine...we were  supposed to be together at about 5p.m. last night....but it will be at least 11 p.m. tonight before I'm with my dearest love!!!  To make matters worse, we're having a rare snow storm in GA ourselves.  I'm sooooo worried about Tiger driving the 50 miles or so from Atlanta!!!!  I sooooooo ******* HATE the snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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2 Responses Feb 12, 2010

Thanks,Dex!! Yeah..I know it's kind of selfish to worry about ourselves, but this is precious time we'll never get back.....moments that are far too few and way too far apart!!! I appreciate your comment...thanks for the support!!!

Living in Australia, I have limited experience with snow, tgrsldy, but the recent news footage of blizzards in the US and Europe showed just how inconvenient and dangerous it can be. And your story clearly demonstrates the problems it can cause on a personal level. I will never look at a snowman in quite the same way again.