Why I Hate Social Networks...


Warning: Don't read if you're easily offended.

Riddler: Riddle me this Batman...

Where can you show your face and not be seen, seethe with envy yet not be green, jump in a pool to shriek and wallow, be not a ruler but many follow?

Robin: Holy Jehosaphats, Batman! The Riddler's given us a doozy this time.

Batman: Wait a minute, Robin. I think I have the answer...Social Networks.

Riddler: Drats! Foiled again! I'll get you one day Batman.


I don't get Social Networks (SNs). Wasn't the purpose to accomplish something?

Has anyone accomplished anything on a social network? If ya have, please holla at playa.

What I've found is that SNs are nothing more than high-falootin' losers' groups where everyone commiserates about what ails them, what hurts them, and what pi$$e$ them off.

Goddamitt! Is there a group where anybody solved, saved, helped, assisted, learned, got over it, went under it, went thru it - even if it was thru the friggin woods?

With SNs, it's always present tense pain.  Are there any past tense solutions?

I'd like to see a demographic of SNs.

My bet is they're comprised of are over 80% women, or pissant guys who act like women. Either way, lotsa pu$$ies but no balls.

My advice - grow a pair, will ya?

C'mon people - this is about empowerment not being powerless. If I wanted to hear about people with problems I'd go live in America (Oh, wait…I do already).

Listen up ya’ll: I don't care about your birthday, your age, your skin color, your political affiliation, your cat that speaks German, or your incessant belly-aching.


Because it doesn't do anything!

Show me how to fix something I'm struggling with, give me some perspective I hadn't thought about, show me how to find the derivative of x^2, or what's the secret to great pie crust.

Help me by telling me how you made it thru the fire.

I promise I'll pass it on to the next person and we'll all be better in the long run.



WillPowers WillPowers
2 Responses Feb 19, 2009

I completely agree with you, Will, about the social networks. That's why I avoid using them. <br />
It's only a complete waste of time with absolutely meaningless activities and subjects. <br />
It's even worse - if you decide to disclose some true information about yourself, having in mind that all that information is continually being collected by you-don't know-who with you-don't-know-what purposes, and it is being proved that nowadays cybercriminals are everywhere and gain access to any databases, I really think it's quite dangerous for anybody to join such networks.

So other than being an ******* who is only here to put down people who support each other...<br />
<br />
What is your problem...<br />
<br />
I'm sure I could give you some helpful advice...<br />
<br />
I've lived, I've nearly died and I've single handedly halled myself up out of the muck...<br />
<br />
I have a hell of a set of balls...<br />
<br />
What have you done...