What The Hell Man?

That is the conclusion I come to when I think about how ****** up this world is. How can we be allowed to live in our spacious homes while many others are left without running water and food? Because in this world, those who can help others help themselves instead and it's too bad for those who can't. The ones who run this world love that the masses have been programmed to their daily routine, importance being given to the most superficial things, leaving things of substance unknown and stalling progression to a greater human race while they fill their pockets. I wish we were all united under one flag and we could choose to be with people who are like-minded, not simply because we have the same country of origin. Birthplace only defines the prologue to your life, it's the choices you make that define it, and judging by the choices of those in power, they do not believe we are capable of thinking for ourselves so they think for us, and for those of us who want to blaze their own trail, we are left fighting the unrelenting current of trains stuck in the tracks leading them to their death
pdzle93 pdzle93
18-21, M
Dec 9, 2012