I See Through You; Everyone Is Just As Bad.

It's a shame that I've taken so long to accept that it is OK if I don't participate in social conversations.
They're crappy anyway.
I've never felt such hulking anger imploding inside me, and I perfectly understand that society is the root of it all.
Suddenly, I don't see myself as a victim of OCD and depression anymore. There's nothing wrong with me being OCD per se.
It's only when me, OCD and society co-exist together, that sprout problems.
The fact is that society doesn't tolerate people who operate beyond their interpretation of what is normal.
And people make up society. I hate people and therefore, I hate society.
Mind you, I know damn well that hatred cannot be overcome by hatred (society tells me so) so am I being immature for posting this?
Well guess what? I'd rather vent my anger outwardly than to keep it inside of me. Either way, we're problematic people. Remain placid if you want; you're just as troubled as me.

All of us are doomed.
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I'm with you. I fun king hate everybody. But I have days where I love everybody. You know? Like, I know I don't really hate people, but u feel like I hate people, a lot of the time. Here lately everyday I feel trapped, like I am in a sick world with a bunch of dummies. Like what is this? There's people that torture animals and kids, they're all over the place. I feel like the world is ran by evil right now, and their winning. Every time I see a person going shopping for a hit they don't need, or buying nasty food at the expense of innocent animals, or going out every weekend to get wasted wooooo!! ...I want to strangle them. They are all contributing to the evil of this world. But they are brainwashed to think they are amazing. The thing about me is, as much as I hate everybody, I would do ANYTHING to help them if they need it. Like I want to strangle everybody, but then a woman comes up to me and asks me to help her with something and I'll do it. I feel like we need to be helping everybody all the time and stop pretending the stranger next to you doesn't exist. Because one day we might depend on each other for our survival (which Is now too but so many are blind to this).

i completely agree with you. if i were to be as outgoing as i am on this site, with all my true beliefs and how i feel about things, i would just end up being criticized by society. thats just how people's minds work. they criticize you for everything you do. we just can't change that. but, perhaps we too may find people who agree with us and understand what we think someday. there's still hope

I completely agree with everything you said. It's impossible for me to find anyone to be friends with in high school because i eventually see how society has corrupted them. I hate malls as well. It's like they put all the fakeness of society in one building and called it the mall. I don't mind stores outside of the mall because i do enjoy shopping. Have you read the book Catcher in the Rye by chance? I have and it's amazing! The character Holden is just like people like us, I suggest you read it. I like to refer the perspective that we have has a 6th sense or maybe even a gift/curse. Some days I wish I didn't have this ability to see through everyone and everything. But other days I appreciate it because there has to be some sane people in this world and I guess I'm one of them. It frustrates me how people claim that I'm "weird" because of this gift/curse. If only they could see the world through my eyes. Then they'd realize that I'm just a realist living in a non-real world.

Your commentary on society at large is spot on. It is human to feel the way you do. We don't need more money or people, we need to love the ones we bring in to this world and give them our total attention while young, from birth to 18..........<br />
I learned lots about this phenom in Psych. 101 and Child Psychology. It is called having attachment disorders, caused by poor parenting skills.<br />
When children are not looked into their eyes, and made to understand things, shown how to do something patiently, etc, children become detached from the Mother or Father.<br />
It disgusts me when I see how people have children like they are a by-product of ingesting something like food............ sad, just sad.<br />
Then, parents wonder, "What happened to my kid?"<br />
People don't care too much about HOW to raise children, and we are reaping our just rewards! <br />
<br />
Have one child , and raise them well, make them learn how to live like Jesus said to live. We are human, we make some mistakes, but that does not make us unable to have a conscience.<br />
<br />
No one knows right from wrong, and Jesus tells us why we need Him and how to live life. If people would just read His words and stop trying to be religious, we would all be better off. Love is the highest commandment, and there is no law against it, Jesus said this.<br />
Now......... I do believe Love is an action word. This is what is wrong with our society, we have no idea of how to relate to people anymore. Showing love and kindness with respect, even respect for our little children. They need to see their opinions matter, not to see us trying to control them. <br />
That is what turns children into little power freaks........... not having had any decision making ability or a chance to show it, as little children..... you are justified. Keep thinking, I like that.

I totally agree with you<br />
<br />
**** society. Abject poverty, manipulation of the masses, corporate control, unequality, total ******* aberration.<br />
<br />
We need to move into a resource ba<x>sed economy.

Agreed i think the same as you, im in high school, and i would rather be up till 6am then sleep and do my work at night. They want to "fix me" i told them i dont have a problem and that its only that society operates out of my spectrum that it appears i have a problem but society has the problem, with me.

Agreed. Society doesn't work. I just want to be a hermit.

I know how you feel. I don't really hate people, but all the characteristics I hate are mostly found only in the human race.

thats whats good about venting. you can vent one thing, and one idea to its full extent. and so what if people think thats the only thing you think? if they think thats your true and honest stance on it, well then they havent got much imagination. we're all complicated. and yes, i do think most of the time we are all doomed.