So yesterday was my first day of school (I went back to school) and u went to my 6th period (L/A) and this "dark" girl is in front of me and in a higher grade than me and we all have to fill out a DNP and on one of the questions it asked the city and she asked is Arkansas or Jacksonville the city?? AR is the state.... And JV is the city and everyone knows that.... And I'm just like 😆 laughing my *** off an me and the teacher look at each other speaking with face reactions and I told the girl "it's Jacksonville sweety" and she tells me "GURL I WASNT TALKING TO UUU" and I'm like ok 😆😂 and the teacher tells her and yea but I'm so fed up with society it's not even funny!!! Lol but it is funny to watch stuff like that
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Damn lol people don't make any sense for me either it ****** me off I talk to someone and talk a little more then their like shut up white boy I ain't talking to you and that is why I am friendless currently

I know how u feel lol