I Don't Care For Anyone Who Has A Psycho-personality That Ends In "path"

I have been exposed to so many it's ridiculous. I deal with Passive-Aggressive, two faces of Eve, and just other psychos that are too long to list.

My husband has a twisted mind at times, the people I work with should be committed. It is difficult getting through these day to day battles at times with people whom have toxic energies.

This is why it is important to find time to take a walk just get a little time to your self.

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3 Responses Nov 7, 2012

Why hate people that are Insane. They are sck.

<p>eaking of Psycho-personality i just had a brawl here on e/p with a punk kid right out of high school, claming to be one of those,</p><p>he stalked me, saying nasty things about me, after i blocked him, he made up 2 other profiles to abuse, stalk me with. i reported him and e/p got rid of the 2 profiles and comments he made,about me</p>

i grew up with ones of those.............. i had married one then divorced... and like you have had to work with them.......... i wonder why doesnt the boss see that they are crazy ? and do somthing about it ...

I work in what is equivalent to the UN? Govt orgs like to keep their heads in their butts and pretend everything is fine and ALl part of Diversity!
I don't cRe for personality disorders their just as bad like my SIL she conned her brother into buying her a kindle for xmas