Sooo Bad For You

Soda is so bad for people i often wonder why it isn't lumped in with cigarettes and alcohol and not allowed to be purchased or given to minors. Between what it does to your teeth and your body it approaches that level danger to the public especially young people in my opinion
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2 Responses Dec 14, 2012

i definitely agree with ya, but i'd be a hippocrit if i said i don't drink soda...i drink a lot more than i probably should lol.

if we're talking about regulating giving it to minors, there is nothing wrong with doing that in my eyes...but how much can you really do to regulate it? it's not like people will see it as harmful, so even if there is a ban or regulation of sorts, parents will still give there kids soda i'd say 8 times out of 10 (wild guess, i'm a statistics major gimme a break lol)...similar to how some parents are ok with teenagers/18 year olds drinking/smoking in their home, but on a much more wide-scale. however, i do think at places like restaurants and fast food places, they could either just take soda off as an option for kids, charge more (less likely), or do something like no refills, what you get is what's in it the first time you receive the drink, no more.

oh my god...i just randomly realizes this would apply to fun drinks like root beer floats...childhood ruined O.O've you never had a root beer float before??!? Did you even have a childhood? :P lol just kidding. um well yeah it is pretty good, i used to love root beer as a kid, but i'm not a huge fan of it anymore lol.

actually looking at your reply to benzene's comment below, taxing the hell out of it works out pretty nicely for both sides...people will still buy it and get the soda they want, the government gets more money they probably could use for the budget. now sort of a side note, i don't like marijuana at all, but i am glad they legalized it in the state i live in (you seem smart, you can figure which one it is on your own lol), because now they're taxing it and making money for something people like using.

another thing, having to do with your just joining the site...first off welcome! second, i'm only saying it in a reply thread on your story because you have a setting turned on that doesn't allow people to add you or post on your whiteboard (they can once YOU add them yourself)...if you got any other questions i'll help ya out if i can :)

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It's not going to hurt you if you drink diet soda and use natural sugar in your tea or saccharin. And brush your teeth.

The last time I was sick with flu was about 6 years ago. I walk 2,3 times a week and am in good health.

Honestly, just live your life the way you want to. I'd rather die at 80 and live a full life than die at 85 and live a life of mediocrity and fear.