The Burning Fire From Within

It is 1:00 AM. I should be asleep. But I can't.

I feel a fire burning deep within me. A fierce feeling that is all too well known to me.

It is the feeling of hate.

And when it sparks, it burns. It consumes me. It fills every fiber of my being, and I feel like I could shoot flames out of my eyes and lava out of my veins.

Who do I hate so passionately?

A whole bunch of people.

There is a former supervisor at work who thought I was a liability. He transferred me into the worst department of the entire firm. Now, I am nothing more than an overpaid overqualified mailroom technician.

There is this one fella who calls himself Wolf. He played friends with my wife, later turned around and played foul. Tried to ruin our marriage and to put us down. Him I hate with passion, not because of what he did to me, no. Because of something even worse. Screw me over, I can deal with that. But mess with someone I hold dear and I will unleash hell upon you.

All the faces that I hate come back. And I can only hate them passionately. I will never harm them. But in my heart and in my mind they are already burning - or already crispy.
Kletti Kletti
Apr 26, 2012