I Hate That *****

So my boyfriend has this ex-girlfriend that I can't ******* stand. I literally want to rip her ******* head off every timeI see her. I think it's becoming or should I say it has became more of an obsession. I see her big *** every day at ******* school and she just glares at me and I tend to laugh. Not to mention the age difference between her and my boyfriend is about 3-4 years, she's ILLEGAL, and he's 2 years into being LEGAL. Every time I see her I promise I'm going to kill her ***. I get a big rush of heat, steam, fire and SO MUCH MORE every time I think about her or every time she passes me. I can't stand her I want her dead. I dream about this girl, and I can't help but want to ******* slaughter her ****. She's told me she's had visions of killing me, and that's fine, she won't be able to kill me if she's already ******* dead. And the path that she is taking she wants to be dead so much sooner than she expects. The most recent dream I've had (last night) she appeared at my ******* house. This girl is starting to get closer and closer to popping that bubble. Me being the adult (literally) in this situation I'm trying to be mature about it. It's not my fault she ****** at the tender age of 12 and caught feelings for a grown *** man. My boyfriend has stopped ALL communications with her, he's told me and she's told me (that's a different story). But this ***** continues to send him ****. Ok I would say long story short but it's alraedy pretty long, but basically, **** HER and i'm going to kill her stupid *** here soon.

she's not 12 more like 15
ForeverHisWife ForeverHisWife
18-21, F
May 9, 2012