Who I Hate

 I hate..... my step father, sometimes my mother, my x husband, myself at times and a person that I love so much that I hate him. And that makes me sad.

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5 Responses Mar 15, 2009

makes sence angelic...thank you

I think.. love and hate.. is very close. I think people can only hate someone the most when you loved that person the most. then the pain is sharper and much deeper then when someone hurts you who you haven't loved..I think.

I have for most of my life tried not to hate anybody....I have tought my children that you may dislike people very much but you shouldn't hate.....I have even said to them that you can hate what a person did or a person's actions, but you should not hate the person. I truelly believe that, but when I wrote this I really was feeling the hate. I am only human. And that was very good advise Andy

I agree grumpyone99. I am only 66 but I have learned this lesson...except for men who rape others who are unable to defend themselfs...DD

Why do you hate them?