I Don't Like It But I Can't Help It

i want to get over this. he's a wormy abominable back stabber. i just can't believe i put up with this. that's the worst part. i really need to stand up for myself more and be more firm. i feel nauseated by how trashy he turned out to be. if i knew him better i know i'd see what a weak retarded mess he is and not even want to think about him anymore. it infuriates me how these losers pick on and sponge off other people. they don't care what they look like. and they'll do anything to feel like 'a man.' but they aren't men.

i don't like putting my energy into hatred, but that's what i'm doing now. and i can't seem to stop.

pheinix pheinix
1 Response Oct 17, 2009

I understand how you feel. I never hate people but my friend is a ******* backs tabber who leaches off your niceness and claims they are your best friend, but they never help when you ask but asks you to do so much. The worst thing is I keep helping thinking they will change. I don't hate people either, and it saddens me the intensity of my hate for her but I can't help it.